2008 Change Log

19 Dec 2008Expanded RamblingRoots by the addition of a new map feature. Several maps were added to the Washington Co. page (including one identifying the location of several cemeteries) and the Misc. Location Page (for Carroll Co., IL). Also initiated a page called "Fallen Leaves" - dedicated to remembering fellow researchers who are no longer with us.

Thank you to Katherine Clark for the beautiful photo of Abingdon that adorns the RamblingRoots home page this month.

Added narrative page for Gladys Estellene (James) Keys with information shared by her daughter Martha Keys.
Added information that Col. William S. Ryburn served as Lt. Col. of the 70th Regiment of the Virginia Militia during the Civil War (with thanks to Jack Hockett). Identified marriage date and location for Isabella Jane Ryburn and Mathew Ryburn Shugart; also for Frank Lindsley Ryburn and Anna McDonald. Added date of death for Fountain Beattie Clark, Rachel B. Clark.
Added wills to the Washington Co. Probate Page for William M. Gray, Dickson Hutton, John Hutton. Added 65 new narrative pages including among then: James Davis and his wife Nancy Smith (also her will), also page and will for their daughter Nancy (Davis) Bradley.
Added photo of Richard Montgomery with many thanks to Carol Lockas. Added narrative pages for John Clark, Jane (Berry) Clark, Robert Clark (with will), John Corry (with estate settlement), his wife Sarah (Davis) Corry and their son James Corry; also for John Hutton and his wife Mary Ann (Cunningham) Hutton (also her will); also page for Peter S. Hanby (with will); with pages for his wives, Lydia Ann Davis and her cousin Nancy Catherine Davis (also her will).
21 Oct 2008Ric Sheets contributed additional headstone photos from Old Glade Spring Cemetery, including Sarah (Porterfield) Hutton, Lillburn Breckenridge Porterfield, Rachel Craig (Buchanan) Porterfield, Samuel H. Porterfield and Amanda Ann Clark

Carol Lockas shared 3 Montgomery headstone photos from Rock Spring Cemetery: John Montgomery, Dorcas (Keys) Montgomery and Henry Montgomery.
Added narrative page for Col. William Byars, Judge Benjamin Estill and his father of the same name, William "Buck" Smyth, James Logan and several of his children; also for several children of John Porterfield; also for Samuel Logan. Added narrative page and will for John Smyth, Mary Kelly "Polly" Smyth, Robert Logan, Margaret L. Talbert and Mary (Logan) Talbert.
Judith St.Louis shared Mathew Ryburn's War of 1812 compiled service record from the National Archives. Joanna Owens supplied an updated list of burials at Mountain View Baptist Church Cemetery. Carolyn Ryburn contributed an article from an 1887 Carroll Co., Illinois newspaper reporting the death of Mathew Ryburn Davis. Martha Keys located a date of death for Jennie Kate Allison. She also shared a photo of the 4 sons of George Graham Keys and Mae Allison Keys.
Added wills for Thomas M. Preston, Hugh McChesney and James Vance to the Washington Co. Probate page. Carol Lockas shared family data pages from an old Montgomery Bible (see the Scrapbook-Text page) and I then added narrative pages for Richard Montgomery, his wife Elizabeth (McCall) Montgomery and 8 of their children. Richard Sr. and 3 of his children, John Montgomery, Polly M. Montgomery and Jane Montgomery also left wills.
Added will for William Stewart, William Hayter, John Keys, Thomas Montgomery, John Montgomery (d. 1813) and James Robinson to the Washington Co. probate page. Added narrative pages for Stuart Edmondson, James Edmondson and Moses Carson Orr (also his will to probate page).
1 Oct 2008Added more than 35 headstone photos to the contributed by Ric Sheets to the Old Glade Spring Cemetery. Major thank yous! Bob and Donna Jean Ford also shared some older photos -several of which provide interesting comparisons to Ric's recent photos.
Added wills of James Hutton and Sarah Hutton (who both died in 1815) and of James Hutton d. 1820 to the Washington Co. Virginia (Probate Records). Added complete names and dates of birth for the children of Ryburn Buchanan Clark. Activated narrative pages for selected descendants of Robert Clark and his wife Martha (Harvie) Clark.
Thanks to Kay Hutton Jones for clarifying the date of death for her father Dr. Francis Beattie Hutton Jr.; thanks also to Edward Ryan for providing additional information on his grandfather John Dewey Ryan.
Bob Ford pointed out that the bible of Thomas M. Preston was available on the Library of Virginia website; I updated dates of birth and death for his children based on this information.

Activated narrative pages for several children of David Edmondson; also for Capt George Graham and his wife Rebecca Sandoe (Preston) Graham.
Jane Kimball shared photos of Cloydine Ernest (Dunn) Jackson, Rev. Ernest Alonzo Jackson and Minter M. Jackson from her website Jackson Family Genealogy

Thanks to Sandra Law who sent a photo of White G. Ryan's headstone.
24 Aug 2008Corrected the narrative page for William Scott who had previously been listed as ___ Scott with an icon indicating his page was "under construction" If you had looked at this page earlier this month please look again as 2 of the children previously listed for him were not correct. For additional details on how this error was discovered click on this file icon (thanks to Bob and Donna Jean Ford for helping me sort this out).
Added additional information on the family of David Agee Forrest Campbell and Mary Anna Virginia (McChesney) Campbell; many thanks to Shirley Leonard who helped removed these individuals from the "What Happened to?" list.
16 Aug 2008Located and posted obituaries/death announcements/other information from Atchison County, Missouri for James Wiley Buchanan and his wife Sarah Jane (Scott) Buchanan; also for James's brother, William Nelson Buchanan whose date of death had previously caused some confusion.

Added burial location in Tennessee for John Matthew Buchanan, his wife Sarah and several of their children. Expanded narratives for John Wellington Ryan and his wife Lucy Gilmer (Ryburn) Ryan. Martha Keys located a source for Shelby Co., TN death records which included an entry for Elizabeth Goode (Buchanan) Allison.
15 Aug 2008Activated narrative pages for the 3 additional daughters of Henry Horne and Martha Edmondson: Elizabeth E. Horne (also her will), Catherine C. (Horne) Sutherland and Amanda Caroline (Horne) Rosenbalm Mahaffey. Also added will for William McConnell which established that the date of death reported for his son William King McConnell in High On A Windy Hill is incorrect.
Expanded narrative pages for John Buchanan and his presumed son, Robert Buchanan (includes John's will and a settlement record). Added will to the Washington Co. Probate Records page for Samuel Meek who died in 1812.
11 Aug 2008Corrected error in Dr. Nickerson Snead's will. He left $300 to his niece Florence Minerva Smith, formerly Edmondson (I had Henderson). Added narrative page and will for Nickerson's wife Elizabeth (Scott) Beattie Snead as well as for Elizabeth's sister Sarah Edmondson; also narrative page for David Edmondson with whom the Scott sisters appear to have had a close relationship. Added wills for Emily V (Clark) Clark, Martha Elizabeth (Henderson) Taylor, John David George Ryburn and Patrick Ryburn.
Many thanks to Ric Sheets who shared headstone photos for Samuel McCall and his father James McCall. Nancy Todd located Samuel's Civil War information.
Added narrative page for Elizabeth (Scott) Shaver and her husband Frank John Shaver. Elizabeth was the 3rd Scott sister in the photo posted a few days ago (see below). Also added narrative for Sarah Ann (Scott) Rambo and William Scott, the two other children of Robert and Martha Scott

Annette Moore contributed a photo of William R. Anderson who was married to Nancy Buchanan Stoffle. Annette also filled in the children of Clinton Powell Anderson, great grandson of James Buchanan and Nancy Ryburn.
7 Aug 2008Sandra Law contributed a wonderful photo of the 3 Scott sisters: Malissa (Scott) Ryan, Elizabeth (Scott) Shaver and Mary Jane (Scott) Grant. I added narrative pages for their parents: Robert Scott (includes will transcription) and Martha (Scott) Scott. Also added pages for Mary Jane (Scott) Grant and her husband Robert Granville Grant, as well as Robert's niece Mary Janet (Grant) Keys and her husband John Keys Jr.. Carolyn Ryburn located the date of marriage for Malissa Martha McConnell Scott and John T. Ryan. Sandra also shared a photo of Malissa and John's daughter Mary L (Ryan) Shufflebarger (and her husband John).
4 Aug 2008Thanks to everyone who waited so patiently while I updated RamblingRoots. The new format will allow me to add additional features going forward. The basic layout, although updated visually, is the same as in earlier versions. There are a few changes such as the photo gallery on the Scrapbook page. Notice also that several cemeteries now have their own page linked from the Washington Co. menu item above. And the "what happened to" list is now available from the main page rather than from the menu bar.
Laura Seielstad generously shared a journal created by her 2nd great grandmother Mary Jane Beaty (Davis) Moffett with help from her mother Sarah (Ryburn) Davis starting in the early 1870s. It includes family history as well as names and dates. Of particular interest are Mary Jane's comments about the migration west from Virginia. In addition, there is a special page about 4 women who set out to find Mary Jane's grave. See Mary Jane's Journal for all the links. Also see the photo of Mary Jane's daughter Margaret Davis (Moffett) Emmert and her husband David B. Emmert on their respective narrative pages.
This edition of RamblingRoots added over 200 new individuals, many of whom were descendants of John Moffett and Isabel Davis. It is not practical to enter all these new names so please look at the Person Index to see if anything catches your eye.
Added will and inventory for Mary (Gardner) Moffett. Also added image of her pension application statement based on husband William's death at the Battle of Pt. Pleasant.
Added biography of my great grandfather, Francis Garner Moffett to the Scrapbook-Text page. The paper was completed as part of the National Genealogical Society Home Study Course.
Also added a link to the website of Rod Ryburn who has researched the history of the Ryburn family in Scotland. Look under "Research Sources" at the bottom of the Campbeltown, Scotland page (also found via the Misc. Locations link in the menu bar at the top of every page).
Margaret Young contributed a photo of Mary Jane (Larimer) South as well as information on Mary Jane's descendants. I also added additional information to the page of Mary Jane's sister Charity M (Larimer) Parris. I had previously theorized that Charity may have died bef. 1871 but that appears to have been in error... also activated page for Mary Jane and Charity's mother.
Many thanks to A. Moore for providing information on George Lee Anderson who had been listed on the "What happened to page".... also thanks for additional information on George's brother Clinton Powell Anderson and his family.
Activated page for Margaret (Clark) Snodgrass with a tip of the cap to Nancy Todd. Also added pages for the 4 known children of Christopher Columbus Larimer - thanks to Mary Jane Harrison for her information on this family.
Activated narrative page for Rebecca Dunn - includes abstract of her will; added additional land transaction information for Jeremiah Caleb Gardner. Many thank yous to Maggie Hutton Naylor (with an assist from Carolyn Ryburn) for sharing a photo of Beattie Ryburn's daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Buchanan (Ryburn) Hutton.
Clarified the children of Mathew Ryburn Clark through trustee records filed in Washington Co; added cause of death for America Virginia (Copenhaver) Buchanan and her son Edward; added cause of death (dysentery) and changed date of birth for Minerva E. Buchanan. The Smyth Co. death register shows that at least 35 people died of dystentery in Aug-early Oct. in 1855 in the northern part of the county alone. Interestingly, the southern part of the county was not similarly affected

Smyth Co. death records also provided the cause of death for Patrick Campbell Buchanan, Mary Catherine (Keesling) Buchanan, William R. Buchanan; corrected date and cause of death for Mary Brandon (Buchanan) Ward.
Added wedding photo and additional information for James William Blaine Keys - with thanks to Sharyn Wyatt whose husband is James's grandson. James was the young man from Washington County who along with his father and 2 brothers was killed in a mine explosion in Colorado in 1923

Judith St. Louis contributed a photo and obituary for Mathew Robert Ryburn
Also activated narrative pages for William Dunn Logan and his son John Logan. Terry Thompson contributed information on this family including photos of John and his wife Mary.
Added will of Stephen Jett to probate page. Activated page for William Moffett, his wife Mary (Gardner) Moffett; also their son Capt. John Moffett and his wife Isabel (Davis) Moffett; also many of their children and some spouses, including Mary Jane Beaty (Davis) Moffett, dau of William Davis and Sarah Ryburn.
Carol Lockas contributed photos of 2 sons of James Peter Clark and Ann Eliza Blunt: one of William David Clark and one of his brother Harry Lincoln Clark. Carol also provided marriage data for daughter Mary Clark. Note: I had previously mistranscribed a 1930 census entry and concluded that Mary died unmarried. Please revisit these pages if you are interested in this family.
Joanna Owens contributed a photo of John Maiden as well as a picture of the home he and Susanna (Landis) Maiden built in the late 1840s. Martha Keys identified Blanche Childers as the 7th child born to Lelia Agnes (Wright) Childers Asbury. She also located birth and death data for Clinton Keys.
Added death certificate and additional census data for John Thomas Ryan (research by Sandra Law); also added comments abt a possible second marriage. Also added from online KY death records: Edwin Brandon Nuttall, Margaret Sophia (Hortenstine) Buchanan.
Jason Kennedy shared a photo of Robert Earl Davis and his wife Nancy (Bailey) Davis.
Added additional information on Patrick Campbell Buchanan, his wife and children from the book History of Virginia. Patrick's son Benjamin served as a Virginia state senator and held the position of Lieut. Governor. From the same source (and others) added additional material for Samuel William Keys, Judge Francis Beatie Hutton (also for several of Francis's children), and William James Edmondson (also activated narrative for William's father John Edmondson and uncle Henry H. Edmondson).
Added death and or burial information for George Hiram Maiden and his sons Daniel and Frank.
Nancy Todd and her brother Randy located a photo of their great grandmother Rosanna (Edmondson) McCall.
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