2006 Change Log

Expanded the number of descendants, with accompanying census entries, for Evadna James (Buchanan) Stoffle (daughter of James Buchanan and Nancy Ryburn).
15 Dec 2006Loaded updates to site (last update was Nov. 2). Note that with this edition of RamblingRoots the "old" COLLECTIONS page is now titled the SCRAPBOOK and contains 2 subpages: Images and Text. The link to the Scrapbook is still found in the header of each page.
Activated narratives for the descendants of George Sanders Crenshaw and Margaret Wilson (Buchanan) Crenshaw; also for descendants of Alexander Ward and Mary Brandon (Buchanan) Ward. Margaret and Mary were both daughters of John Buchanan and Mary Ryburn. Peggy (Stringer) Lester contributed a good deal of information on these lines, as well as many wonderful photos.
Clarified the source information previously described as "Ryburn, typed 4 page manuscript, date and author unknown, filed in Ryburn family file at Historical Society of Washington County, VA Library". Amy Bazar identified the manuscript as the work of P.H. Ropp. His entire research on the Withers and Bayless family and allied lines is available at the Library of Virginia in Richmond. One of the allied lines he included was Campbell. Since Ann Ryburn, daughter of William Ryburn and Mary B*, married David Campbell, he had included some Ryburn research in his manuscript. Mr. Ropp also authored a large manuscript (also at the Lib. of VA) on the Hortenstine family. Apparently as a part of this project he collected information from Henry Hortenstine, and commented that it was from the Bible of William Ryburn. Mr. Ropp, in his brief (4 typed pages) mention of the Ryburns, stated that William married Mary Beattie. However, there are extensive handwritten comments added to the typed entries, including the notation "or Brandon", written above "Mary Beattie". I have changed the instances where I cited this source to reflect Mr. Ropp as the author. The citations were to selected events in the life of William Ryburn and Mary (?).
Added information on Martin Luther Withers and his wife Sophia Annie Teeter, and their descendants. Sophia was the granddaughter of Martha Ryburn and Rev. John Wallace and therefore the great granddaughter of William Ryburn. Many thanks to Amy Balzar who contributed research conducted by she and her mother on this family.
Added 2 more descendants of William Ryburn and Mary ? who carry either the name Brandon or Beattie as their given or middle name (further clouding the issue of Mary's maiden name). See: Mary Brandon Withers and Beattie Alexander Crenshaw. Thank you to Amy Balzar and Peggy Stringer for this research

When I first posted RamblingRoots almost 2 years ago I assigned Mary's last name as Beattie, based on the data available to me at the time. Then about 6 months ago I tacked a "?" after her name. However, the appearance of the name Brandon in two different lines of descent (via 2 different children) causes me to feel that we need to give Brandon at least equal weight to the previously acceped "Beattie". Hopefully William Ryburn's Bible will eventually surface and allow researchers to confirm Mary's maiden name one way or the other. In the meantime I've Mary "surname-less" again.
If you ever want an example of the danger of relying on pre 1880 census records to prove relationships, here is a good one: in previous versions of Rambling Roots I had attached 5 year old Sarah E. Clarkson as the daughter of William Samuel Clarkson based on her appearance in his household on the 1850 census. However, I noted that she was listed after 1 year old Elizabeth Clarkson, despite being older. This nagged at me. So this summer I looked at the probate records for Scotland Co., Missouri, where she was living. And sure enough, there I found a series of administrator's settlements advancing monies to the guardians of Sarah E. Clarkson, infant heir of Richard Clarkson. Sarah was William's sister, not his daughter. See the individual narratives for additional information.
2 Nov 2006Loaded updates to site (last update was Nov. 1) Added comments describing John Buchanan and Mary (Ryburn) Buchanan from family notes shared by Peggy Lester
Activated narrative for America Virginia (Crenshaw) Booth with Peggy's story about her grandmother attached (Thank you Peggy).
1 Nov 2006Loaded updates to website (last update was 13 Aug. 2006). This update features a new page on Old Glade Spring Cemetery as well as additional information noted below.
Activated narratives for James Porterfield and Jeannette (Clark) Porterfield and several of their children.
Two more sets of twins were identified among the descendants of John Buchanan and Ann Ryburn. That makes 13 sets of twins... and I'm betting there are more yet to be identified in current generations. These additional sets were born to Beattie Alexander Crawford (sons William and Frederick born in 1937) and to Clyde A. Stringer (twin daughters).
Added headstone photo for Andrew Fullen Clark, along with a new photo of his wife's stone, Fannie V. (Rogers) Clark; also activated her narrative
Added photos for stones of: Frances Pauline (Beattie) Dunn, Stuart Vanneman Dunn, Thomas Edmondson Gardner and Ellen Eliza (Lansdowne) Gardner and their children: Margaret Virginia Gardner, William Preston Gardner, Anna Thomas (Gardner) Horton, Hattie Jane Gardner; (thank you Carolyn Ryburn!).
Increased the number of twins among the descendants of Ann (Ryburn) Buchanan and John Buchanan to 22 with the addition of twin sons born to James Campbell Booth in 1915
Added information from California death certificate for Mary Ellen (Bridges) Reed
Added image of newspaper article from 1852 telling about the shooting of Alexander Ward by his brother-in-law George Sanders Crenshaw (many thanks to Peggy Lester for sharing this).
Located James Hayter Buchanan and his second wife, Nancy (Bates) Umbarger Buchanan on the 1900 census, and followed their son William in 1910. The date of birth reported for James in 1900 is not consistent with the date reported from other sources. Additional census records were added for the widow and children of Mathew R. Buchanan, James's son with his first wife, Jane Beattie Ryburn
Posted information from California death certificates for John Wilson P. Buchanan and Carrie Lavinia (Buchanan) Beach, which establishes both of them as children of America Ryburn and William Buchanan.
Added text of cemetery monument inscription (and photo) for Josiah Nichol, husband of Eleanor Ryburn (thanks to Martha Keys).
Added narratives for the children (and some grandchildren) of Margaret Montgomery (Edmondson) Gardner and Jeremiah Caleb Gardner (with census records, etc.).
Added narratives for descendants of Russell M. Buchanan and Rosannah Buchanan (Fullen) Buchanan.
Added photo of the Glade Spring town band to the Collections page - courtesy of Martha Keys.
Added tax entry for William Ryburn and John Ryburn in 1780 in York (now Adams) County, Pennsylvania. Bob Ford and Roger Ryburn contributed this most helpful information. I also modified William and John's narratives slightly, eg. added comment about the name of William's wife.
13 Aug 2006Loaded updates to website (last update was Feb. 25, 2006). This update added over 125 new names to the dataset as well as additional information on many individuals already on the website. Although I have attempted to list major additions below, the list does not include many individual census additions, etc. If you have a particular family you are interested in, please revisit their page(s). And as always, I appreciate your contributions.
Betty Mealy identified 4 additional family members in the Carpenter Reunion Photo on the Collections Page: Frances and John Hanner; William D. Logan and wife
Added 1920 and 1930 census records for an unknown person.
Added specific dates and burial information for Stuart Vanneman Dunn, located by Carolyn Ryburn.
Added headstone photos to narrative page of Minerva Jane (Susong) Robinson and her husband; also several additional photos for individuals buried in the Susong Cemetery (see Washington Co. Cemeteries). These photos clarified date discrepancies for several descendants of Mahlon S. Susong; with thanks to Carolyn Ryburn.
Added photo of Margaret Wilson (Buchanan) Crenshaw and her husband an unknown person
Added photo of Martha R. (Buchanan) Zimmerman Keys and her first husband Dr. Benjamin F. Zimmerman; with sincere thanks to Carolyn Ryburn.
Added additional information to the narrative of Estelle (Oury) Dunn Hemenway from the extensive research of Jenny Dunn; also added a summary from Jenny's work on Estella's husband, Dr. Stacy Hemenway and his many wives.
Removed comment that Stephen Alonzo Jackson was related to General Stonewall Jackson (had been sourced to Virginia and Virginians).
Added data (eg. full names of Minter Jackson's wives, full birthdate for Walter Beattie Jackson, additional info on Stephen A. Jackson, full names and dates of birth for children of Mary Scott Jackson Dunn) from "Jackson Ledger" as transcribed by Jane Jackson Kimble on her website: www.jacksonfamilygenealgoy.com. The Ledger was authored in 1887 by P.A. Jackson (identify not known to Ms Kimble). P.A. Jackson comments in the Ledger that he or she also submitted material to Dr. Brock for his work: Virginia and Virginians. Ms Kimble's notes include an analysis by Jackson researchers of the statements made in the Stephen Alonzo Jackson biography found in Dr. Brock's work. Thank you to Jenny Dunn for bringing this source to my attention
Added additional information on children of Samuel Beattie Ryburn Dunn and Mary Scott (Jackson) Dunn.
Activated narratives on children (and selected grandchildren) of Sarah Margaret Isabella (Buchanan) Bridges, as well as the children of her brother Mathew R. Buchanan
Activated narratives on the line of Ann Rebecca George Buchanan, a daughter of Ann Ryburn and John Buchanan.
Added additional information for William Nelson Buchanan, his wife America Jackson Graham (Ryburn) Buchanan and their children; including selected cemetery photos (with thanks to Dennis Norvell of Nemaha Co., NB). Additional research is necessary to solve the mystery surrounding William's date and place of death
Added Rosa Miriam (Edmondson) Clark as another great grandchild of John Buchanan and Ann (Ryburn) Buchanan who gave birth to twins. This increases to 20 the number of twins presently identified among the couple's descendants.
Added narrative and will for William Moore.
Located burial record for William Jefferson Ryburn
added marriage location for William Patrick Carpenter
added date of marriage license and maiden name of wife for Beattie Ryburn Worley
Located date of death for Charles C. Carmack and also for his wife Mary Elizabeth C. (Ryburn) Carmack. In addition found a marriage date (but not spouse name) for their niece Hattie Carmack. Also located marriage date and location for an unknown person and an unknown person.
Added additional information for John Ryburn, son of William Ryburn, including John's probable children and their children. Also added transcription of John's will from Franklin Co., Indiana.
Added information on the life of the Rev. Horace Wintzer Ryburn, contributed by Roger Ryburn.
Added additional records to the Any Davis page, including deeds, marriage records, etc. - with particular thanks to Lynn Melberg for her contributions.
Added 1900 and 1910 census for William Hankley and family
Added 1900 census for Andrew Edmondson Keys and family
Added photo (Collection Page) of the first Glade Spring town council which included: M.V. Edmondson, Jim Jones, John B. Allison, B.W. Curtis, B.D. Ligon (thanks to Martha Keys).
Resized and/or cropped many of the photos embedded in narrative pages so they fit better in the new 3 column format. I also linked the larger image when indicated. In those cases a small camera icon appears next to the embedded image; see: Florence H. (Hutchinson) Keys as an example.
Added narrative for Martha "Patsy" (Edmiston) Edmondson and modified reference to her date of death in the narrative of her husband, Andrew Edmondson
Added photo (courtesy Martha Keys) of Gordon Hampton Allison and Annie Maria (Williams) Allison with several family members
Added photo Annie Maria (Williams) Allison.
Added headstone images for Martha (Allison) Hankley, William Hankley and an unknown person
Added photo William Beattie Allison home
Disconnected Roger Young as the spouse of Elizabeth Myrtle Keys, pending further research
Added narrative pages for Margaret Ann Edmondson, Arthur Reed and their children
Added image of Florence H. (Hutchinson) Keys, contributed by Martha Keys.
Added a possible birthdate for John Ryburn, brother of William.
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