2005 Change Log

31 Dec 2005Added bio info for George Graham Keys Jr. contributed by his daughter, Martha. Also located dates of death for several individuals in the California Death Index (1940-1997), including: Horace Wintzer Ryburn and his wife, Mary Ethel (Turner) Ryburn; also John Bradley Ryburn, his brother, Mathew Robert Ryburn and Mathew's wife, Maude Bernette (Coburn) Ryburn.

Also located Minnie Lee (Ryburn) Garrison and her husband on the 1920 Idaho census; found her death record on the Idaho death index and identified a son.
27 Dec 2005Located Stacy Roetta (Ryburn) Wohlford on the 1910 and 1920 census and identified 3 additional children; activated narratives on additional descendants of White G. Ryan.
7 Dec 2005Removed Col. James Lafayette Franklin Campbell and Rosannah E. (McConnell) Campbell as the parents of Jane E. Campbell; see their narrative pages for details.
18 Nov 2005Added information from compiled service record (Civil War) for Robert Campbell Dunn. Also added information from Chancery case involving land James Buchanan bought from Ephraim Johnston in 1815. Added will entries for Catherine Ryburn, Janie D. Carmack, Ellen Gilmer Clark and Melitia Ann (Williams) Ryburn. Added 2 children to the family of John Buchanan Edmondson. This and other information was added from a 1962 newspaper notice alerting readers to a pending lawsuit surrounding the estate of Jean Keys Buchanan. The suit appears to have been filed in an attempt to clarify the heirs, of which there were many (thanks to Martha Keys for these last items).
7 Nov 2005Added several deeds involving land belonging to James Buchanan and/or his children (courtesy Carolyn Ryburn) - also a different version of his possible parentage. In addition added 1860 agricultural schedule information for William McNeal Ryburn, Col. William S. Ryburn, Col. Robert Buchanan Edmondson, Robert Stuart Clark Hutton, Dr. Arthur Dixon Hutton, James Clark Porterfield and Claiborne Lewis Shugart (again, thanks to Carolyn).
20 Oct 2005Added second marriage for Laura E. Cox.
10 Oct 2005Added additional photo of John Daniel Sharp Ryburn and his wife Cora Lee (Ray) Ryburn; also photo of JDS with several of his siblings. Photos were shared by Roger Ryburn and include a photo of Roger with his father John James Ryburn and mother.
9 Oct 2005Carolyn Ryburn located a copy of the 1860 Washington County agricultural and slave schedules at the Washington Co. Historical Society Library in Abingdon. She copied the agricultural information for Dr. Samuel Dunn and others.
8 Oct 2005Added headstone photos from Old Baptist Cemetery for: Abram Greenfield Allison, Gordon Hampton Allison, John Beattie Allison, Mae Taylor (Allison) Keys, Walter James Keys, George Graham Keys, Margaret E. Johnson and her sister Elva Johnson; also headstone photos for William James Hutton, James Kent Harrison and Mattie Lee (Taylor) Allison Atkins; added probable date of birth for Martha Harvey (Allison) Ligon and added headstone photo; all photos courtesy of Martha Keys.
27 Sep 2005Added info from 1860 Washington Co. slave schedule for James Orr Ryburn, James Clark Porterfield, Amanda C. (Ryburn) Hutton,Dr. Arthur Dixon Hutton, Philip Kesner, Ann (Ryburn) Campbell, Ann Rebecca George (Buchanan) Moore, Rosannah Buchanan (Fullen) Buchanan, John Buchanan Edmondson, Martha R. (Buchanan) Zimmerman, Rev. John Houston Wallace and Mahlon S. Susong. Note: I did not abstract the slave information for every person of interest. The slave schedules do not provide any information on the owner other than his or her name, making it difficult to distinguish between 2 similiar names.
25 Sep 2005Added cause of death (and comment regarding same) for 4 children of John Buchanan Edmondson. Began a review of the 1860 Washington Co. federal census slave schedule. Entries added for: William White Allison, Col. Robert Buchanan Edmondson, Benjamin Keys Buchanan, Mathew Buchanan, John Byars, Mary (Clark) Allison, Dr. Samuel Dunn, Isaac Carmack, Claiborne Lewis Shugart and William Beattie Campbell.
24 Sep 2005Activated narratives for the descendants of Dr. Samuel Dunn and his wife Jane Beattie Ryburn (Edmiston) Dunn. Be sure to read about their daughter, Eliza Margaret "Pink" (Dunn) Jones, who died tragically at age 17. Much of the research on Samuel's line was originally contributed by Carolyn Ryburn to whom I extend my appreciation.
21 Sep 2005Added will abstracts for Emily J. Dunn and Florence Virginia Dunn.
19 Sep 2005Added narratives for Robert Stuart Clark Hutton and Elizabeth Steele (Edmondson) Hutton; also cemetery photos courtesy of Martha Keys.
11 Sep 2005Added will for Martin Van Buren Edmondson; also added information from the obituary of Charles Lewis Ryan (with thanks to Joan Ausnow).
8 Sep 2005Added narratives and cemetery photos for Dr. Andrew Fullen Horne and his wife Laura (Lincoln) Horne; also narratives and cemetery photos for Andrew Edmondson Keys and his wife Florence H. (Hutchinson) Keys (photos courtesy of Martha Keys).
6 Sep 2005Added more cemetery photos thanks to Martha Keys: Margaret Buchanan (Edmondson) Buchanan and her brother, William Beattie Edmondson; also Benjamin Curtis Allison and his parents Samuel Dunn Allison and Susan Katherine (Stevens) Allison. In addition there is a photo of the replacement stone Carolyn Ryburn set for Margaret (Buchanan) Edmondson. Also added narratives for Mary (Clark) Allison, her husband William Beattie Allison (with wills for both), and many of their descendants. Note: most of the cemetery photos added over the last few days courtesy of Martha were taken at Old Baptist, Old Baptist Annex and/or Glade Spring Cemeteries.
5 Sep 2005Added information on descendants of Valerie Jane (Ryburn) Williamson; courtesy of Roger Ryburn.
4 Sep 2005Added headstone photo for John Edmondson Horne and Mary B. (Fullen) Horne; also added headstone images for several of their descendants buried in Old Baptist Cemetery; (photos courtesy Martha Keys).
3 Sep 2005Added bio, will abstract and cemetery stone photo for William Beattie; cemetery stone for William McNeal Ryburn and his second wife Harriet T. (Flournoy) Ryburn; added bio for Dr. Samuel Dunn; headstone photo for William L. D. Ryburn; also bio, will and photo of stones for John Beattie Allison; bio and stone photo for his wife Sarah Ellen (Wright) Allison; added dates of birth and death and stone photo for their daughter, Nellie Grant (Allison) Harrison Hutton; also additional information on other children for John and Sarah; (photos courtesy of Martha Keys).
23 Aug 2005Added headstone photo for Nancy Clark (Ryburn) McNew which confirms her birthdate; her husband, Daniel Burke McNew and son, William Allen McNew are on the same monument; also added headstone photos for: Benjamin Newton Ryburn, Joseph Snodgrass Hutton and Mary Love (Clark) Henderson Pafford Hutton (shared monument), James Stewart Buchanan. In addition, bio pages, with headstone photos were added for: Col. Robert Buchanan Edmondson and his wife Nancy Dysart (Beattie) Edmondson; also bio pages for several of their children; added photo of cemetery stone for Frances Ann (Hutton) Allison which confirms her date of birth (thank you to Martha Keys for the headstone photos).
31 Jul 2005Added a page for research notes on the Davis family (Any Davis or via link in the header and footer of each page). Also added pages for Nathaniel Davis and 5 of his children.
31 Jul 2005Added new pictures to the Campbeltown Scotland page - thanks to Roger Ryburn who spent several days there this summer. Also added headstone photos to many of the Ryburn descendants (generally descendants or relatives of John Patrick Sharp Ryburn) who are buried in Jobe and Evergreen Cemeteries in Unicoi County, Tennessee - again courtesy of Roger Ryburn.
23 Jul 2005Added will entry for William Beattie Ryburn.
30 Jun 2005Added John Edmondson and posted his will to the Washington Co. probate page; also added the wills of John's sons, Andrew Edmondson and William M. Edmondson.
29 Jun 2005Added parents for John Edmondson Horne.
23 May 2005Date of death and place of burial added for Mary Jane Orr Stewart; date of birth for Sarah Crowell modified.
13 May 2005Changed focus of "twin" count from Mary Buchanan and John Buchanan to his parents, John Buchanan and Ann Ryburn There are 18 documented twins among their descendants to date.
12 May 2005Added burial location for Kate M. Hutton; also marr date for Frances Ann Hutton and Benjamin Curtis Allison. Also marr date for Mattie Mae Hutton.
5 May 2005Repositioned label for Bonnie Barnes on Carpenter Reunion photo (see) Scrapbook page.
4 May 2005Added parents and siblings for Minnie Barnes and Thomas William Barnes; also 1930 census for Minnie and daughter Mary Virginia.
1 May 2005This update includes a good deal of new information on the descendants of William Ryburn; I have not attempted to itemize those changes/additions. I have listed some of the material added to various descendants of Mathew Ryburn, but there are quite a few additional photographs and other items that I did not itemize. Please look through the main index for the icons indicating that an image, will, or other document has been added to a narrative page. There are also several new lists to explore. They are listed in the header and footer of each page.
5 Apr 2005Added information on Sarah Ann Byars Dunn, her husband and their children.
1 Apr 2005Added Rock Spring Cemetery to Washington Co. Virginia (Mt. Rose Cemetery).
30 Mar 2005Added Washington Co. Virginia (Probate Records) to Washington Co., Virginia page.
28 Mar 2005Added date of burial for: Carter White Ryburn, Edward Green Ryburn Jr., Glen Oliver Ryburn, Irene (Lester) Ryburn, Mary Isabel (Regan) Ryburn, Emma Leta (Dunn) Ryburn, James Mack Ryburn, Ruby (Whitehead) Ryburn, Vivian (Pauley) Ryburn, William Thomas Ryburn, Willie Mae (Coleman) Ryburn and Isaac Whitley Ryburn.
27 Mar 2005Added education information for Dr. Arthur Dixon Hutton.
26 Mar 2005Added 1841 guardianship record where Sarah Ann Davis chooses Beattie Ryburn as her guardian.
25 Mar 2005Harry Humes Carmack, Minnie (Ritchie) Carmack, Infant Carmack and James Lafayette Ritchie headstone photos courtesy of Carolyn Ryburn. Added discussion about possible error in date of birth on Minnie's stone. Added settlement record for James; also additional information on his children.
27 Feb 2005Added photos of Cloydine Ernest Dunn and Walter Beattie Jackson Jr., courtesy of Carolyn Ryburn.
19 Feb 2005Added full name for America J. G. Buchanan Ryburn and William Nelson Buchanan; made slight modifications to information on children of Martha Elizabeth (Ryburn) Wallace after locating source of data used in several online websites.
1 Feb 2005Added photos of Minnie Lee (Ryburn) Garrison and Fulton W. Garrison; also a photo of May Virginia (Ryburn) O'Brien as well of one of her children, Joseph Ryburn O'Brien and Louise O'Brien.
31 Jan 2005Added photo (courtesy of Roger Ryburn) of John Patrick Sharp Ryburn and his wife Caroline Agnes Crumley; also of John Daniel Sharp Ryburn and his wife Cora Lee Ray; also of Mary Mc Ryburn and her husband Leander Ramsey with 2 of their children. Roger also shared a photo of John Ryburn's Civil War pistol which has been passed down in the Ryburn family. An image of his widow, Jane Mathews (McConkey) Ryburn's Civil War pension application has also been added.
28 Jan 2005Added 1920 census info in California for John Clark Ryburn and wife Laura; also Rosana Jane Ryburn. Added 1920 census info in Virginia for David Beattie Ryburn and wife Lula Davis Ryburn.
27 Jan 2005Added additional information on the children of Harry Humes Carmack and Minnie (Ritchie) Carmack.
25 Jan 2005Added additional census info to Ann (Ryburn) Campbell. Also added information on Jane Hamilton (Campbell) Carmack, Isaac Carmack and their children and grandchildren.
23 Jan 2005Added James Lafayette Ritchie as father of Martha Josephine Florence (Ritchie) Ryburn and Minnie (Ritchie) Carmack (with will). Corrected an error in the will of Capt David Campbell.
17 Jan 2005Added will information and will exhibit for Ann Ryburn (Fullen) Hawthorne.
11 Jan 2005Added maiden name and death info for Mary Katherine (Fell) Jackson, wife of Minter Jackson. Also added cemetery info for Rosannah T. (Buchanan) Witten and John Alexander M. Buchanan.
5 Jan 2005Added will exhibits to William Ryburn, Patrick Ryburn, Mathew Buchanan, Robert Buchanan (also headstone photo), James Buchanan (also headstone photo), John Buchanan, Capt David Campbell, Thomas Edmiston, Beattie Ryburn, John Ryburn, and Mathew Ryburn; also headstone photo Ann (Ryburn) Buchanan.
3 Jan 20053 Jan 2005: Added Minter Jackson and children, including Mary Scott (Jackson) Dunn whose page includes a photo. Also added photo to White G. Ryan.
4 Jan 2005Added additional information (middle names, dates) on the children of David Campbell Carmack.
1 Jan 20051 Jan 2005: Added locality index for Washington County, Virginia which includes a link to Washington Co. Virginia (Mt. Rose Cemetery). Cemetery page includes a list of all those buried in Buchanan Cemetery and all those in my dataset who are buried in Old Baptist Cemetery or Old Baptist Annex.
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