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General Research Notes pertaining to possible descendants, ancestors, and/or other relatives of Nathaniel and Sarah (?) Davis of Augusta County, Virginia (see also: John Davis, James Davis, Nathaniel Davis, and Samuel Davis.

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Comment on Nathaniel Davis in The Cabells and Their Kin (Alexander Brown, 1895):

I have found no evidence that the Nathaniel Davis who lived in Augusta Co./Rockbridge Co., Virginia, and who died circa 1765, was related to the "Indian trader Nathaniel Davis" who reportedly married, in 1680, a daughter of the "Indian Princess Nicketti" and her husband, who was either a member of an old Cavalier Family or "Trader Hughes", depending on whose version of the story one reads. Mr. Brown himself presented the story as an interesting Floyd family tradition and stated he could not vouch for it.

There is very little genealogical data about any Davis family in the book and none that pertains to our Nathaniel Davis at all. Yet many people have created online trees linking this older Nathaniel and "our" Nathaniel (claiming various sons of the elder Nathaniel as the intermediate generation). Since the names of the older Nathaniel's children have never been adequately identified and since the name of our Nathaniel's father has never, to my knowedge, been identified - how can these links between generations be supported?

If you wish to read the pertinent pages from "The Cabells and Their Kin" the entire book is online at
Internet Archive. Then search on the word Davis. Also, please read Jeanie Robert's blog post titled I'm related to a Princess?". If you have researched the ancestry of Nathaniel Davis of Augusta and Rockbridge Counties and have information to share I would love to hear from you.

Comment on Religion of the Davis family:

Two of Nathaniel Davis's children (John 1743 and Elisabeth 1746) were baptised in the Tinkling Springs Community by Rev. John Craig. This was a Presbyterian church with many members from the Scots-Irish community. Also James Davis, another son of Nathaniel, in his Rev. War pension applic stated that he had not obtained the statement of a minister because in Randolph County, Mo. there were no "Old Side Presbyterian churches or ministers".

Additional information on "Old Side" Presbyterianism can be found at these sites: Turning Points in American Presbyterian History - also: History of American Presbyterianism (also click on links at bottom for "The Great Awakening" and the "Schism of 1741" ). The information, when evaluated together, seems to suggest that the Davis family was Presbyterian, and at least some of them were "Old Side" Presbyterian. This wing of the church was characterized by members who were opposed to the revival movements of the early 1700s; the Old Siders also supported subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith (1645). The Old Side was strongest among the recent Scotch-Irish settlers in the Susquehanna and Shenandoah river valleys and in parts of the Philadelphia region, suggesting perhaps that our Davis family were originally from Pennsylvania and were possibly of Scots-Irish ancestry.

Samuel Davis, another son of Nathaniel, was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and gifted land for the establishment of a cemetery and campground in Madison County, Alabama. The Cumberland Presbyterians were an offshoot of the traditional Presbyterian Church, growing out of Tennessee and Kentucky's "Great Revival of 1800". For additional information read the Wikipedia page on the Cumberland Presbyterian Church".


1742Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
Is this "our" Nathaniel and Sarah?: First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia lists Nathaniel Davies and Sara Nut being married there October 28, 1742; note that there was a NUTT family living in Beverley Manor not far from Nathaniel Davis and a Robert Davis witnessed William Nutt's deed in Beverley Manor in 1748. The same records for the First Presbyterian Church list a Nathaniel Davis and Hannah L. Martin marriage in 1746.1
19 Jun 1743Augusta County, Virginia:
Robert Davis baptised; son of James Davis.

There are other entries for DAVIES:
- Mary, bapt 17 Apr 1748; dau of John
- James, bapt 19 May 1748; son of Robert

All 3 baptisms took place "in the congregation" which included both Stone and Tinkling Springs Meeting Houses.2
28 Jan 1743/44Bucks County, Pennsylvania:
will dated 28 Jan 1743/4; proved 16 Sept. 1747: John Davies of New Britian twp; wife: Isabel; sons: Nathaniel, William, John, Baxter, and Tristam; daus: Elizabeth Rogers and Elizabeth ____; grandsons Poak and John Crawford; wit: Benj Snodgrass and Richd Walker; Bucks Co; PA WB 2:88 [I have not seen original of this and abstract was emailed to me; wording is confusing]
13 Aug 1747Augusta County, Virginia:
Wm. Beverley to Wm. Nutt, of Orange. 510 acres (on Christy's Creek?) orig Wm Beverley to Wm Jennings who sold to Wm Nutt in 1740; Jennings never conveyed to Nutt; Nutt sued Jennings and Beverley; settled 1744; proved 1747; teste: Robert Davies; DB 1: 319 as abstracted in Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Settlement, Vol. 3: 260
13 Aug 1747Augusta County, Virginia:
Wm. Beverley to James Gilmore, farmer, £8 current money Virginia; 204 acres in Beverley Manor; corner James Moody; corner to a place surveyed for David Davis; Bell's land; DB 1: 325 as abstracted in Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Settlement, Vol. 3: 260
Note the reference to the adjacent land surveyed for David Davis. James Gilmore's land on the Beverley Patent map sits adjacent to the land of Nathaniel Davis. Was Nathaniel's land originally surveyed for David Davis? Thanks to Roger Davis for pointing this out.
21 May 1748Augusta County, Virginia:
William Nutt to James McCorckal, 24 1/2 acres in Beverley Manor; line of McCorckal's former survey; 5 pounds; Teste: James Trimble, John Rutledge, Robert Davis; Elinor released dower; DB 1: 538 as abstracted in Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Settlement, Vol. 3: 269


8 Nov 1753Southampton County, Virginia:
Nathaniel Davis and wife Sarah to James Jones, 200 acres on northside Nottoway R., adj Lightwood Swamp; deed bk 2: 4-5; index also ment 100 acres patented to Samuel Davis in 1743; 1759 deed involving a Benjamin Davis; another deed ment. a James Davis as a neighbor3
circa 1754Lynn Melberg located several IGI entries listing a Robert Davis as the son of Nathaniel and Sarah Davis. All three list Robert's birth as "abt 1754". All 3 also list his death as 1827. I downloaded the GEDCOM's for them, but unfortunately they were basically identical (although one listed Sarah's maiden name as Hughes), and none listed sources, children, or any other information that appeared useful.


19 May 1762Augusta County, Virginia:
James Davis, gent. and Jean to John Davis; 350 ac on head of a branch of Buffalo Cr; 5 pounds pd by John Davis, his eldest son; DB 8:282 as abstracted in Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement, Vol 3:383; also Morton's History of Rockbridge Co., VA, p. 357
28 Dec 1762William Davis survey for 100 acres adjoining the widow Davis in Forks of James; Kegley's Virginia Frontier, p. 340
circa 1764Augusta County, Virginia:
Settlement of Henry Horse's estate by Sarah Horse; later note indicates Henry's widow married Robert Davis; WB 3:331 (abstracted in Chronicles Vol 3:84)
16 Nov 1768Augusta County, Virginia:
John Davis's bond with Halbert McClure and Hugh Cunningham as guardian to John, Daniel and Michael Higins [Higgins?], orphans of Daniel Higins; WB 4: 165 (Chronicles Vol 3:106)
1769Augusta County, Virginia:
John Davis to Joseph Davis; 350 ac; ten pounds; head of a branch of Buffalo Creek; 9 May 1769; wit: Samuel Wilson, James McMath, John Young, Hugh Cunningham, Samuel Davis; Deed Bk 15: 394-6

John Davis to Samuel Davis; 400 ac; branches of Buffalo Creek adj Benjamin Bordens; 9 May 1769; wit: Samuel Wilson, James McMath, Hugh Cunningham, James Davis; DB 15: 397-8
5 Apr 1769Augusta County, Virginia:
A Nicholas Havenor's will was recorded in WB 4: 216 (Chonicles Vol 3:108); ment. land purchased from Rbt Davis; Davis was also a witness


1770Botetourt County formed from Augusta County
1772Fincastle County formed from Botetourt County
1772Writings for "The Virginian" attributed to Gov. David Campbell in Early Settlers of Washington Co., part of Historical Sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher and Kindred Families by Mgt Pilcher (Nashville: Marshall and Bruce Co., 1911). The entire book is also available in digitized format on the Family History Library website.

"Some account of the first settlers of old Washington County, Virginia, would, no doubt, be interesting to many of the readers of the Virginian, and I could tell them something on that subject, if I had the resolution to write it down, but on that point I have some misgivings. I will, however, try.

"Hunters visited the county as early as 1745, but no families came and settled permanently until about 1767 or 1768. In two years from that time many emigrated, so that in 1770 the county was dotted all over with improvements. The first great migration was from Augusta County, but the spirit was immediately caught, and large numbers of families, and, indeed, whole connections, came from Frederick County and the Valley - from the Augusta line to the Potomac - from the upper counties of Maryland and from Pennsylvania. Botetourt and the country on each side of it sent members. The first large connections were the Edmondsons, of whom there were ten or twelve families of the same name. Then the Vances, Newells, Blackburns, and several others of that connection; the Campbells, five or six families, the Davises, four brothers - Nathaniel, John, James and Samuel Davis, the Craigs, three brothers - David, Robert and James Craig, two or three families of the Colvilles, and the same number of Briggses, two families of Logans, John and Benjamin Logan, a large number of Buchanaus, and several families of Beatys and their connections, the Rayburns and Dysarts, also a large connection of the Berry family; five or six Lowrey families; the Sharps and Laughlins, a large connection, including the Kings and Youngs. These Youngs were not the German family, they were of Irish descent. I have named such as occurs to me, but that the reader may know who were the heads of families that composed the Rev. Charles Cummings' congregation at Sinking Spring, in the Grace Spring neighborhood, I will give a list of their names, and it must be remembered that they were all Presbyterians.."

Then follows a list of men who according to the heading were in the county before 1772. The list includes John and Nathaniel Davis. The list should be reviewed from time to time to see if there are other names on it that might link to Davis related records in Augusta, Rockbridge or other counties (as witnesses to deeds, etc.)

Note: David Campbell served as governor of VA from 1837-1840. He was born in Washington County in 1779 and was a merchant in Abingdon for many years. He died in 1859 ( citing the Dictionary of VA Biography). Gov. Campbell was a nephew of Col. Arthur Campbell, under whom several of the Davis brothers served during the Revolutionary War (online genealogies of the Campbell family; Davis Rev. War pension applications).
1774Fincastle County, Virginia:
List of soldiers in Capt. James Thompson's Company included John Davis who served for 8 days and was paid 12 shillings. A John Davis was also paid for 46 days provisions4
1774Fincastle County, Virginia:
List of soldiers in Capt. William Campbell's Company included Private Robert Davis who served for 20 days and was paid 1 pound, 10 shillings. A second entry for a Robert Davis lists him as serving for 58 days and being paid 4 pounds, 7 shillings5
1774Fincastle County, Virginia:
List of soldiers serving under James Harrod (Lord Dunmore's War) included James Davis who was paid 3 pounds, 15 shillings for 50 days service6
The Documentary History of Dunmore's War [also known as the Battle of Point Pleasant] by Thwaites and Kellogg contains these entries for a Robert Davis:

p. 404 under list of Scouts: Robert Davis 15 days of his time to go to Robert Moffett [appears to be part of a list of men in Capt. Daniel Smith's Co.]

and on p. 409 under a list of men in Capt. John Lewis's company from Botetourt Co.: Robert Davis

The same source, again on p. 409 lists among the men in Capt. Buford's company from Bedford Co. (but who were placed in the Botetourt line): Samuel Davis

Other Davis names mentioned include:

p. 420: Azariah (Capt James Harrod's Party)
p. 407: Charles (Capt. Philip Love's Co.)
p. 411: George (Capt. Pauling's list of Botetourt troops)
p. James: 23 (lived on Muddy Cr.), 79 (ment. as having a fort in letter of Rbt. Doadk)
p. Patrick: 359 (lived on Howard's Cr.)
1776A pension statement filed in Lafayette Co., MO in 1833 by James Kincaid states that in 1776 he entered the service under Capt. John Dunkin while living at Castle Woods about 25 miles north of Abingdon. Capt. Dunkin was assigned to guard the settlers who had been living in Powell's Valley so they could return to their homes and gather their belongings, having been forced to leave by the Indians. The men went to Martin's Station in the valley but found no one there - they had all fled. "One of the settlers that was with us, who had fled from the valley by the name of Davis (called Captain Davis). Before the people fled he lived at Owen's Station, 10 miles below Martins. We took up at Martin's Station. Sometime after, Davis petitioned Dunkin for a few men to go down to Owen's Station with him to collect his plunder." The pension application goes on to say how they collected Davis's belongings but on the way home were attacked by Indians. The pension statement was included in an article by Emory Hamilton posted on the Russell Co., VA GenWeb site and shared by Lynn Melberg. The author of the article states that Owen's station was near present day Rose Hill, VA (now Lee County). According to an interesting website, Martin's Station was also near Rose Hill. Is there any chance this Capt. Davis was John Davis? When he first moved south from the vicinity of Rockbridge County could he have lived near Owen's Station until Powell Valley was vacated and then moved a little farther north near Abingdon?
1776Fincastle divided into Kentucky, Montgomery and Washington Counties; Fincastle ceases to exist (1777 effective)
1776Washington County, Virginia:
A Robert Davis (1724-1816) served as an ensign in the Washington Co., VA troops (exact year not known). He was born and died in Wythe Co., VA; from DAR lineage bk 165; #164622 Miss Artemesia Coil
Summer's Annals SW VA lists the following as Rev. Soldiers but does not specifically list them as being at King's Mtn:
George and John Moffett from Montgomery Co.
Capt. John Buchanan - Battle Long Island Flats
Lieut William Buchanan, 7th VA killed in action - from Washington Co.
Capt. Robert Buchanan, Sr.
1st Lieut Rbt Davis under Rbt Buchanan
2nd Lieut William Davis under J. Burns
Capt. James Davis from Washington Co.
Capt. John Davis from Washington Co.
Joseph Davis Jr. from Mongomery Co.
Robert Davis from Washington Co.
Charles and Rbt Davis from Botetourt Co.
William Edmondson, Continental
Col. William Edmiston
William Willoughby7
1778Rockbridge County carved from Augusta County and Botetourt Counties
1 Apr 1778Bedford County, Virginia:
Samuel Davis and wife Jean Davis of Bedford Co., to Rbt Kinkade, 23[?] acres for 120 pounds; by a pond and cor to James Buchanan. Orig deed granted to James Davis by Richard Burtain8
10 May 1778Amherst County, Virginia:
Nathaniel Davis will: dated 10 May 1778 - presented at court 1 Nov. 1779: wife: Elizabeth, sons Charles, Robert, Isham, James, Nathaniel (lands on Tobacco Row Mtn); daus Elizabeth, Sarah, Theosha, Matilda, Nancy; exec: wife, Charles Davis and Robert Davis Sr., Richard Shelton; Source: Amherst Co. WB 2:83 [courtesy Carole Ruff]. Guardian's recds in 1789 and 1792 for various children, incl Nathaniel. 1792 division: lots to Charles, Isham, James, Nathaniel, Elizabeth Burks (dec'd dau), and others. Also in Amherst Co. WB 6:675: Elizabeth Davis [nee Atkins, widow of Nathaniel - comment added by Carole] adm bond for Isham Davis 22 Aug. 1826
3 Nov 1778Rockbridge County, Virginia:
James Davis and wife Mary Davis to Samuel Wilson, 31 acres on Todd's Creek for 12 pounds, part of tract whereon James now lives9
3 Aug 1779Rockbridge County, Virginia:
James Davis and wife Mary Davis to Thomas Cooper, 102 acres in the forks of the James, part of tract Davis now lives on, for 200 pounds10
2 Sep 1779Rockbridge County, Virginia:
James Davis and wife Mary to Hugh Wilson, 303 ac on waters of Buffaloe & Todd's Cor to Borden's Patent line (being part of tract whereon sd Davis now lives) and next to lines of Wm McKee, John Young, Thos Cooper, Charles Boyls, Samuel Wilson and lands formerly belonging to Peter Wallace, for 600 pounds11
7 Sep 1779Rockbridge County, Virginia:
John Greenly to John Davis, 318 ac, part of Borden's Grant, next to Samuel Davison, McCloar's cor & Cahoon, for 800 pounds12


1780Accd to Summers Annals SW VA the following were at Kings Mtn:

Capt John Davis, Nathaniel Davis, Ensign Robert Davis, Samuel Davis, Col. William Davis
Capt. Gilbert Christian
Capt. David Beattie, Francis Beattie, Ensign John Beattie (killed), William Beattie [son of John Beattie and Ellen Gilmore?]
Capt. Robert Buchanan, Samuel Buchanan
James Curry (Dysarts Co.)
Capt. James Dysart
John Edmiston, Lieut Rbt Edmison Jr. (wounded), Lieut Robert Edmiston Sr. (killed), Samuel Edmiston (Beattie's Co.), Thomas Edmiston, Major William Edmiston, Capt. William Edmiston (killed), Ensign Andrew Edmiston (Beattie's Co., killed)
Moses Edmondson, William Edmondson (Beattie's Co., killed)
Benjamin Estill
Ensign William Willoughby (Dysart's Co.)
William Willoughby (Beattie's Co)
Lieut Mathew Willoughby7
Feb 1781Washington County, Tennessee:
will of Nathaniel Davis of Washington Co., NC, written Feb. 21, 1781, recorded May 1781: brother Rbt Davis, mother [not named], sisters: Mary Ann, Elizabeth; brother Robert's sons. James. bros Rbt and Isaac exec; teste: Rbt. Davis, Mary Davis; Source: Abstracts of Wills, Wash. Co. TN, p. 40, cited Vol I, p. 2;
A different version of this will sent to me by someone else reads: bro. Rbt Davis, mother, sister Ann, sister Mary, bro. Robert's sons James and Esa; exec bros Rbt and Isaac
Mar 1781A Nathaniel Davis was killed in March 1781 at Greasy Cove [not sure of exact location but was an expedition against the Cherokee undertaken by men from "Washington in Carolina"]; Source: Sevier Family History, Cora Sevier and Nancy Madden - poss Nathaniel of 1781 will?
2 Dec 1782Rockbridge County, Virginia:
Hugh Davis Sr., Wm Thompson who md Rosana Davies, Mgt Davis dec'd, and Nancy Davies of Rockbridge, and David Doak who md Jennet Davies of Augusta Co., appt Hugh Davies Jr. their attorney to retrieve their legacies agreeable to the will of Janett McPherson dec'd of York Co. PA and to bring suit if necessary against Rbt McPherson and James Ferguson, exec; signed Hugh Davies, William Thompson, Agnes Davies13
1783Washington County, Tennessee:
Elizabeth Pugh (dau of Joseph Pugh and Rebecca Moore - Joseph was in Shenandoah Co., VA by 1760 with second wife Mary Postlethwaite, a widow; Joseph's parents were David Pugh and Joan Price - they were Welsh Quakers from Philadelphia) married a Nathaniel Davis. By 1783 this Nathaniel and Elizabeth Davis were living in Washington Co., Tennessee; Source: History of Washington Co., TN 1998, the Watauga Assoc. of Genealogists
12 Oct 1787Rockbridge County, Virginia:
John Davies of Washington Co., VA appts James Davis his attorney to make deed to William Steel and Philip Sylor [?] for 2 tracts of land in Rockbridge Co. in the forks of the James R. (sig John Davis) - is this John and brother James?14
Nov 1788Washington County, Tennessee:
John Cosson to Nathaniel Davis, 24 ac on Millfork of Big Limestone. Witnessed by John Campbell and George Davis [courtesty of Richard Stokes 1998]


8 Feb 1790Washington County, Tennessee:
George and Samuel Davis bought from John Campbell (all of Washington Co.), 100 acres, difficult to read [courtesy of Richard Stokes 1998]
24 Dec 1793Washington County, Virginia:
Nathaniel Davis marr Margaret Devor [which Nathaniel?]
27 Jan 1795Washington County, Tennessee:
Nathaniel Davis marr Elizabeth Kelso [which Nathaniel?]
Dec 1795"Mrs. Davis, wife of Nathaniel Davis, died and is to be buried on the 11th instant" entry dated 9 Dec. 1795 from Gen. John Sevier's diary; Source: corresp. with Nancy Madden
18 May 1796Wythe County, Virginia:
Will of John Davis Sr.: wife Mary, sons: Joseph, John George and Jacob. Grandchildren: Betsy, Polly and Susy Davis, daughters of son Abram Davis, dec'd. Daughters: Betsy, Eve, Elisabeth and Barbary who have intermarried with John Hutsell, Daniel Wisely, Lewis Hutsell, Joseph and John Fannen; recd 14 Sept. 1797. Source: Douthat, Wythe Co. Will Bk 1-2, p. 7
Apr 1797Knox County, Tennessee:
2 deeds where a Nathaniel Davis buys land from Samuel Doak (Aug. 1797); witnesses include: John Patterson, George Patterson and William Hannah [Lynn M obtained in Maryville, TN]
27 Apr 1797Knox County, Tennessee:
Nathaniel Davis marr Sally Hannah [which Nathaniel?]
31 Jan 1798Greene County, Tennessee:
Samuel Davis marr Elizabeth Miller
3 Apr 1798Greene County, Tennessee:
Samuel Davis marr Grissy Rose
25 Jul 1799Augusta County, Virginia:
Nathaniel Davis marr Polly Tate


11 Jan 1800Knox County, Tennessee:
Nathaniel Davis of Knox Co. purchased 640 acres from sheriff for $26, formerly belonged to Joseph Beard and/or William Tyrell [Lynn M. found at courthouse in Maryville, TN]
21 Jun 1803Sullivan County, Tennessee:
John Davis to Jacob Deck, 143 ac on Reedy Creek15
10 Aug 1804Wythe County, Virginia:
Will of Henry Davis; wife: Jean. Daughters: Jean, Mary, Nancy, Cathy, Rodah, Martha. Sons: James, Wilson, Henry and Jameson. Exec: James Calfee and John Sayers. Wit: Walter Crockett, James Calfee, Henry Davis Jr., T. Sayers, David Sayer, Halbert Alleson, Wm Davis; Source: Source: Douthat, Wythe Co. Will Bk 1-2, p. 22
3 Feb 1809Madison County, Mississippi Territory (later Alabama):
A Robert Davis patented 320 acres in section 10, township 3, range 1 east a few days after Samuel Davis Sr. patented acreage in sections 6 and 11 of township 116
Jan 1809Madison County, Mississippi Territory (later Alabama):
A territorial census was also taken in Madison County in early 1809. Robert Davis was head of a household that included 3 males over 21; 1 female over 21 and 1 female under 21 (see the Samuel Davis page for his data)17


19 Mar 1810Wythe County, Virginia:
Will of William Davis; wife: Jannet. Sons: James, John, Aquilla. Son-in-law: Jonathan W. Davis, children of dau Polly by Joseph Long. Grandchildren of Anne Davis. Wit: Wm Akrd, Richard Williams, Henry Pickle; recd Feb. 1813; Source: Douthat, Wythe Co. Will Bk 1-2, p. 39
1 Oct 1812Wythe County, Virginia:
Account of Personel Sales of John Davis dec'd. Among buyers: Polly Davis, Wm Davis, Peggy Davis, Anne Davis, Abraham Davis, Joseph Davis; Adm: John Nye, Polly Davis; Source: Douthat, Wythe Co. Will Bk 1-2, p. 40
11 Nov 1812Greene County, Tennessee:
Nathaniel Davis to Rebeckah Brown
27 Dec 1813Wythe County, Virginia:
Will of Robert Davis; Sons: Robert, John, George W., Benjamin, James. Daughters: Jean Ward, Polly Harmon, Betsy Adams. Ment. Notes held on Wm Henry of TN and Richard Williams. Exec. James and Rbt Davis, sons. Wit: James Davis, Aquilla Davis, John Davis, Henry Burket (signed in German); rec'd 12 Nov. 1816; Source: Douthat, Wythe Co. Will Bk 1-2, p. 753
17 Jun 1815Wythe County, Virginia:
Will of John Davis, Jr; Brother: William, Abraham. Mother: Mary Davis. Exec: Wm Davis, brother; rec'd 12 Sept 1815; Source: Douthat, Wythe Co. Will Bk 1-2, p. 48
8 Jun 1818Sullivan County, Tennessee:
John Davis heirs from Edward Cox, acres on Holston River18


8 Aug 1824Limestone County, Alabama:
Nicholas A. Davis born to Nathaniel Davis. Nathaniel Davis had served in the Alabama legislature from 1840-1851. Nicholas was a Presbyterian minister, married #1 Nancy Worthington, moved to TX 1857; Source: The Handbook of Texas online
16 May 1825Marion County, Tennessee:
Nathaniel Davis gives Power of Atty to John G. Eaton of town of Jasbera [is this Jasper, Marion Co.?], TN to sell 20 shares of stock held in Jonesboro branch of Bank of TN. Wit: John Kelly; Source: Marion Co. Deed Bk A, info abstracted by Helen L. Smith Hoke (

Note: Robert E.C. Davis, son of Robert Davis and grandson of John Davis, resided in Marion County by abt 1846
10 Sep 1825Washington County, Virginia:
deed Hannah Warsham to John Davis 2 tracts for $1,600; 170 acres; being same land patented to Nathan Richardson by patents dated 5 Jul 1785 and 23 Nov. 1785 and sold by Richardson to David Smith the father of Hannah and devised to her in his will; except abt 22 acres conveyed to Francis Smith; DB 8: 546
19 Sep 1825Marion County, Tennessee:
Wm H. Standifer for $980 sells to Nathaniel Davis & David Oats 202 acres in Marion Co. on the south side of Sequachee River joining the school land lot #2 and land of Abraham White, F. Ross, Elizabeth Rasey [?] & Francis Miller
1825Marion County, Tennessee:
Nathaniel Davis Sr and David Oats both of Marion Co. sell to Wm H. Standifer for $450 75 acres on the east bank of the Sequachie Riv; Source: WPA, Marion Co., TN Deed Book Vol. B 1819-1830


7 May 1830Marion County, Tennessee:
Nathaniel Davis of Marion Co. conveys to A.M. Carter a tract of land in Washington County, Tennessee on the waters of Boons Cr. North ___ borough containing 1085 acres [is this correct in the abstract?]; Carter had previously conveyed to Davis the land in Marion Co. on which Davis lives containing 145 acres; Source: WPA, Marion Co., TN Deed Book Vol. B 1819-1830
16 Sep 1830Marion County, Tennessee:
Nathaniel Davis Sr. and James Davis of Marion Co. to Elisha Kirklin of Bledsoe Co. and Allen Kirklin of Marion Co. for $2,650, 640 ac on Sequatchee River where Kirklin now lives - does not include 49 acres where Wm Barker now lives; Source: Marion Co. Deed Bk C Abstract (on Sept. 11 1830 Nathaniel Davis sold Wm Barker the 49 acres for $300)
1830Madison County, Alabama:
Heads of households with surname Davis: (location: Huntsville) David; (location: ranges 1 & 2) Betsey, James M., John, Mary, Mathew H., Robert (3), Samuel, William (2); (location: ranges 3 &4): James R., Nathl, Tngley, Wm A19
7 May 1831Marion County, Tennessee:
James Davis of Marion Co. to James Roberts of Bledsoe Co., TN for $360, 100 acres on SE side of Sequatchee River; Nathaniel Davis wit; Source: Marion Co. Deed Bk C Abstract
1832Sullivan County, Tennessee:
will for Sarah Willoughby, filed in Washington Co., VA, names William Andres, bros Wallace Willoughby (and his dau Mary E. and Eliza Ann Willoughby), niece Cynthia Willoughby, Hesther (?) Maxwell (dau of sister Jane Maxwell), great niece Sarah (dau of nephew Wallace Willoughby), Wallace M. H. Willoughby (oldest son of bros Wallace), sister-in-law Susan Willoughby, nephew Marshall H. Willoughby (son of bros Wallace), friend James King; remainder to American Bible Soc; bros Wallace exec; recd May 1833; filed in WB 6 Misc
6 Feb 1834Botetourt County, Virginia:
John Davis born to Nathaniel and Emeline Davis, both of whom were born in Botetourt County. John died 21 Sept. 1913; his death register says he was married; the informant was Emaline Davis?


1840Madison County, Alabama:
Heads of households with surname Davis: And. C., Archd M., Gabriel, George W., James, James N., Joannah, Lewis, Mary (2), Mary Ann, Mat, Nathl (2), Robert (3), Sam'l (3 but represent same individual, listed once as hd of household, once as Rev. War pensioner and once in a summary table), Sam'l W., Thos, Williams, Wm20
16 Sep 1846Limestone County, Alabama:
Nathaniel Davis, as adm of George Davis, dec'd. Heirs include: James Allison and wife Mary, formerly Mary Davis, who reside outside jurisdiction of AL [1850 cenus James and Mary are in Monroe Co. Mississippi]; Source: Limestone Co., AL Orphan Court Minutes

1850 and later

1918Laddonia, Audrain County, Missouri:
Birdie Grigsby wrote the pens. dept requesting info on William Davis, Jackson Co., Alabama and of Samuel Davis of Madison Co., AL. She states that they were her ancestors. She also asked for info on a Joseph Davis from Alabama. Lynn Melberg commented on Aug. 11, 2005 (by email) that Birdie apparently was gathering info to apply for DAR membership. Lynn researched Birdie's DAR application and found that it listed Joseph Henson Harrison Davis (married Martha Williams) as the son of "our" Samuel Davis. In actuality Joseph was the son of a Samuel Davis who married a Lucinda Munsey in SC abt 1783. Lynn notified the DAR who checked and then held up further admissions on this line until it could be sorted out.
1927Charlottesville, Virginia:
Jennie (Mrs. J.C.) Grayson wrote the bureau of pensions asking for the pension recd of Nathaniel Davis, born in Albermarle Co., Virginia, wife Susannah G___sby (may not even be a "G") Davis. She states that Nathaniel went from VA to TN to KY. Her letter was filed in the pension folder of Nathaniel (bros to John, Samuel and James). However, we know that he was born in Augusta County as he states his place of birth in his own pension declaration. Mrs. Grayson's letter appears to be another case of mixed up Nathaniels, but we need to look and see if she applied for DAR membership and then confirm or disprove her line of descendancy.21
See also: Nathaniel Davis and his children
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