2012 Change Log

1 Jun 2012Many thanks to Barbara Muller who provided corrections and additional information for Samuel A. Byars, his second wife (Almeda Cole) and third wife (Sarah Thomas Nichols). Also a special thank you to Bob Gardner who reviewed the family of Jeremiah Caleb Gardner and offered several corrections and additions.

If you have used the Washington Co., VA Homes map in the last several months you may want to revisit it. I recently discovered the balloon showing the location of the Edmondson/Beattie home had somehow "flown" to the wrong location. I've repositioned it and apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
The last several editions of RR have included extensive research on the Hutton family of Washington County. This edition includes position papers correcting two long standing assumptions about the family. It has been long held that John Hutton, son of Edward Hutton, married Catherine Philips. However recent research by Bob and Donna Jean Ford and myself (with support from Diane Costello, Dee Mathews, Grant Hutton, and Jim and Mary Peterson) establishes that Catherine married John, son of Leonard Hutton, and that John, son of Edward, married Elizabeth McDaniels. The paper may be accessed from any of these individual's narrative pages, or from the Any HUTTON page.

The second paper was written in conjunction with the discovery of a 1910-1912 Chancery suit filed by the heirs of Rachel Hutton, a daughter of Samuel Hutton. The suit clarifies that Lilburn Logan Hutton, long listed as a son of Samuel and Isabella Hutton - and enumerated directly beneath them on the 1850 census, was the son of either Samuel OR Isabella, but not of both. Again this paper can be accessed from the narrative pages of the individuals involved. Or read the Bill of Complaint and the genealogical analysis from the appropriate links on the Chancery Page.
Added Smyth and Wythe Co. Hutton deeds (abstracts) to the Any HUTTON page. Also, in conjuction with the Hutton projects above, added pages for John Hutton, son of Edward and Frances (Hayter) Hutton as well as for all of John's children. An analysis of John Hutton and Elizabeth McDaniel's children follows his narrative. Also added a page for John Hutton, son of Leonard.
Corrected the place of death and married surname spelling for Anna Helen (Hanner) Garman (with thanks to Dee Gainer). Added page for John B. Logan, son of Caleb Logan and Barbara Howell. Thank you to Jon Hutton for additional information on the family of Arthur Preston Hutton, and to Ron Hutton for his assistance on the family of Edward Hutton, son of John Hutton and Elizabeth McDaniels and for sharing a photo of Edward and Nancy (Maxwell) Hutton.
Added a page for James Catchem which includes an abstract of his will (also linked from the Washington Co. Probate page). Also added pages for two of James' daughters, Martha Cole and Peggy Edmondson. Added Hutton births from the Smyth Co. birth register for the years 1857-1862. The Hutton births are listed on the Any HUTTON page. Some of them solve mysteries. For instance, Robert W. Hutton was born in 1858, not 1855 as previously reported. Hence he was not born prior to his parent's marriage.
Added birth information from the Smyth Co. birth register for several other non-Hutton individuals: Benjamin Franklin Buchanan, Edward Washington Buchanan, William A. Henry Buchanan. Judith St. Louis shared a headstone photo for John Bradley Ryburn and his wife Claire Estella Ryburn. Thank you to Abbie Ring for sharing information on Amanda O. Ryburn.
Many of the earliest Washington Co. settlers were buried at Ebbing Spring Cemetery yet little is written about its history and the old stones have been lost forever. This page is dedicated to the memory of those who lie buried there. Charlie Barnette, George Kelley, Bob Ford and Jim Faris all supported this effort.
Many thanks to Bob and Donna Jean Ford for compiling and sharing an every name index to Washington Co., VA Deed Book 2. The index can be found on the Grant and Deed page.

Dr. James Hagy shared a newspaper advertisement for Brook Hall from 1812. I have added it to the First Brook Hall page. Dr. Hagy is also working on a new book on the history of Washington County. We can look forward to that some time next year. Speaking of books, the Historical Society of Washington Co. "store" has several new books for sale.
Jack Hockett (who has several new books of Washington Co. records available via the New Papyrus Publishing Co. website) updated both the "Found" and "Not Found" files for his 1850 Surname Project. If you have not done so before, please click on the project link and see if you can identify any of the female surnames.
Added narrative pages for Alson Hutton and his wife Margaret (Kendrick) Hutton. Mary Pelham White shared an image from the Bible of Margaret's father, John Kendrick, which includes birth entries for several of Alson and Margaret's children as well as Kendrick family members. Mary Pelham also shared a photo of Margaret.
Added death and burial info for James Hayter Buchanan and his wife Nannie. Also for Margaret A. (Buchanan) Cope Steward; thanks to Judith St. Louis who alerted me to these entries on Find A Grave. Added the will of Margaret (Hutton) Grinstead to the Probate Records page.

Patricia Johnson and Herbert Cover shared photos of Mildred Roberta Cover and her father Edward to Mildred's page. Also note the correction on Sallie Floid (Debusk) Cover's place of death.
I am delighted to share 5 Civil War letters written by Moses Hastin Buchanan and one written by Capt George Graham, both of whom served with the 37th Virginia Infantry. The Buchanan letters mention the names of fellow Washington Co. soldiers who died during various battles from the summer of 1862 through the late spring of 1863. To read these wonderful documents start here: Civil War letters or access the link from the Scrapbook-Text page. One of the letters, written by Capt. George Graham, was found with two Confederate bills tucked inside. They too can be found linked from the Scrapbook-Text page.
Added pages for Mitchell Robinson, his wife Rachel Edmiston and their children; also for Jesse Pafford who married Rachel Robinson as his first wife and Elizabeth Ann (Edmondson) McKee as his second wife. She had previously been married to John R. McKee. Added page for James McKee and several of his children.
Jim Faris shared a commemorative booklet created by Bethel Presbyterian Church in 1981 to commemorate its 100th anniversary. The booklet lists the names of the charter members from 1881. I added this information to the appropriate narratives which includes members of the Caldwell, Campbell, Reed, Grant, Duff, Sharp and related families.
Added a child who died in infancy to the family of William Nelson Buchanan and America Jackson Graham (Ryburn) Buchanan. Added date of death for William R. Buchanan.

Martha Keys located the marriage record for John Wesley Wedding and Elizabeth Klepper.
19 Jan 2012Added pages for Col. William Edmiston, William Long Snodgrass and William Edmondson Hutton; added additional comment about James Clark to the bottom of his narrative page.
17 Jan 2012I am delighted this month to share additional information on the families of two brothers: James Clark (m. Ann Ryburn), and Capt. John B. Clark (m. Mary Beattie). Capt. John built a home on the Old Stage Road in the early 1800s. The home was inherited by John's son John Breckenridge Clark who in 1894 sold it to his first cousin once removed, Charles Alfred Clark, and his wife Florence Rosenbalm. Charles was a descendant of James and Ann Clark. Charles and Florence lived in the home for several years before it was dismantled. Jim Faris shared a photo of this old home with Charles and Florence on the front porch. See the new Clark Homes on the Old Stage Rd. page.

Jim also shared photos of many family members; a good place to start is the Exhibit section of Florence's page as several photos are linked from there, including images from the Bible of Florence's father Adam Rosenbalm who died during the Civil War. This and a second Bible are also linked to the Scrapbook-Text page. The Rosenbalm Bible provides Adam's date of birth and death, the marriage date for Robert Grant and Nannie Blanche Reid/Reed, as well as other dates. It also revealed 2 previously unknown children for Adam and his wife Hettie I also added newly found deed work for both James and John Clark with additional information yet to come. Browse through the pages for the descendants of John Clark and James Clark and you will find new tidbits here and there such as original signatures for James Kincannon Smyth and Isabella Breckenridge (Clark) Smyth. Many thanks to Jim on behalf of all his Clark cousins.
Added several new deeds to Abednego Wedding's page. Added a new page of photos for the old Samuel Dunn home. Use This Link, then look for the "additional PHOTOS" link near the top of the page.
Many thanks to Jim Ballard who shared research on the children of Catherine Moffett Edmiston and Robert Jones. I have added additional pages for each of their children. Also, in keeping with the Hutton theme of last months update, Mark Hall and the Historical Society of Washington Co. granted use of photos of brothers Joseph Snodgrass Hutton and Samuel John Hutton. Both men grew up at Hutton Plantation; both men left home to fight in the Civil War. Mark Hall wrote a very interesting article on the brothers for the Journal of the Historical Society of Washington Co. in 2009. As many of you know, Jim Ballard has also contributed several wonderful articles to the journal on the life of Gen. William "Grumble" Jones. To order any of these publications visit the societies newly updated (a nod here to its new president, Martha Keys) and very spiffy website.
Added a marriage date for David Hawthorne Edmondson and Martha Elizabeth Buchanan; also for Henry Horne Edmondson and Margaret Elizabeth McConnell. Corrected marriage date for Elizabeth Dunn and James F. Rector, also for Patrick Ryburn and Mittie A. Nunley, and for John David George Ryburn and Phoebe Emmaline (Larimer) Ryburn; also for John Clark Ryburn and Viola Jane Clark. Note: These 4 marriages were all incorrectly recorded in at least one of the two versions of the Washington Co. Marriage Registers (one is at the courthouse and a second copy - not identical to the first - is at the Library of Virginia). The corrected dates were taken from copies of the original marriage licenses obtained by Carolyn Ryburn at the Historical Society of Washington Co. Library. See the Image Index on the library website.
Several of the Hutton pages in the last release included links to 2 maps. On some pages the second link, which should have taken you to a map showing the location of the Hutton lands in Washington and Smyth County, instead took you to the same map as the first link - a close-up look at John Hutton's land on Hutton Creek. I have fixed that but if you didn't stumble across the correct maplink from elsewhere in the site, here it is: Hutton Land Locations.
Corrected date of death for Samuel Porter Edmondson, Charles Cole Edmondson (from New Mexico Death Recds online at Family Search). Added will abstract to pages of these individuals (see link on exhibit bar): John Hutton, Eleanor (Snodgrass) Hutton.
Added new photos for 2012 to the Scrapbook and Washington Co. pages. Both photos are from the camera of Charlie Barnette.
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