2007 Change Log

18 Dec 2007Updated site: The Campbeltown page has new photos contributed by Rod Ryburn, a cousin from New Zealand, who recently returned from Scotland. There are also some new links (including a map link) for further information.

Judith St. Louis helped remove another name from the "What Happened to List" by locating Margaret (Buchanan) Cope Steward in Hardeman County, Texas. Judith also found evidence that California honors its Ryburn heritage :). She located a street in Linden, San Joaquin County, California named Ryburn way; quite likely named for Margaret (Buchanan) Steward's cousin John Clark Ryburn (photo on his page).
Added additional information (and revised some comments) for John and Robert Larimer. I would like to thank Ray Johnson and Howard Johnson for their help with the Larimer family. Ray also contributed a great photo of Judith (Garrett) Larimer, who married William Larimer (son of John). Research on the Larimer family is ongoing and I'd love to hear from other descendants of this family.
Another family tradition bites the dust... maybe. Descendants of Rev. James Keys have always believed that his second wife, Martha (Horne) Keys left Virginia after James's death in 1886, taking her two surviving sons with her. However new research by Martha Keys suggests that Martha may have died in Washington County in 1891. She also found that Martha's son James Keys later moved to Oklahoma and then Colorado, where he and 3 of his sons died in a tragic mine accident in 1923.

Martha also located the WWI draft registration for 3 of the sons of Joseph and Margaret (Edmondson) Wright.
Added 3 surnames to the Misc. Surname Data page: Orr, Reid/Reed and McCall. Each of these pages contains a large amount of research generously contributed by Bob and Donna Jean Ford. Even if you do not directly connect to one of these families please take a look at these pages. Bob and Donna are meticulous researchers and their work is a much appreciated addition to this website.
Corrected mother of James McCall from Nancy (?) to Agnes Montgomery. Nancy appears to be the second wife of Thomas McCall, but not the mother of James

Added narrative page for William Wesley Williams and his daughter Nancy Katherine (Williams) Aker. William was also the father of Joseph D. Williams.
Carolyn Ryburn contributed images from a Bible formerly belonging to Eliizabeth (Byars) Hall. It provides 'Lizzie's" marriage date to John Hall which was previously unknown; also provides the complete middle name for several family members. Images of the Bible pages can also be accessed from the Scrapbook link at the top of this page.

Added link to Brom Nichol's webpage from the narrative pages of Eleanor (Ryburn) Nichol and her husband Josiah.
12 Nov 2007Updated site: Corrected burial location of James Buchanan Clark from Old Baptist Cemetery to Mountain View Baptist Cemetery; also corrected several typos in Maiden family pages mentioned below

Added death certificate image and data for Ann (Campbell) Worley Clark. Created a new Misc. Surname Data link in the header and footer bar (replaces the old Davis Research page which is now a subpage of the Misc. Surname Data page).
29 Oct 2007Updated site: Added data on the descendants of John Maiden and Susanna (Landis) Maiden. This includes narratives on over 100 individuals with the surname Maiden plus information on 2 married daughters. I received huge amounts of assistance on this line from Betty Mealy and Dr. Joanna Owens. Betty also contributed photos of John M. and Charlotte (Richie) Maiden

Activated a page on military actions that involved Washington County residents (Homes and Buildings page).
Added 1840 Washington Co. census entry for Jeremiah Caleb Gardner; also a deed reference showing that he and his wife Margaret Edmiston Gardner probably spent most of their married lives in Washington County (not Smyth County)

Added children of Kenneth Gerald Ryburn and his wife Mary (Regan) Ryburn; courtesy of their grandsons, Bret and Ben Ryburn

Added photos contributed by Carolyn Ryburn to Homes and Buildings page including home of William Logan Dunn in Glade Spring and home of Dr. Thomas E. Dunn at Plasterco, Virginia (near present day Saltville).
Added 1830 and 1840 census for Samuel Davis. The 1840 is of interest in that Samuel was included on an enumeration of Rev. War pensioners which included their ages.
23 Sep 2007Created page discussing the land holdings of James Clark and Isabella Breckenridge and how they came into the possession of 4 of their sons. The link to this page can be found on the Washington County Homes, Land and Buildings page as well as on the Links and Images bar of James's page and that of his sons

Activated narrative page for William Clark, son of James Clark and Isabella Breckenridge (thanks to Carol Lockas for her help). Carol also contributed a wonderful photo of James P. Clark (son of Peter Clark and Mgt Montgomery; grandson of James and Isabella) with his wife Ann Eliza and their children. It can be found on the Scrapbook page (Update: items that were formerly on this page are now on the Images or Text subpages of the Scrapbook). In addition a close up view of the James P. Clark home was added to the Homes and Buildings page. Many of James and Ann Eliza's children left Virginia and homesteaded in the panhandle area of Oklahoma. Their narratives have also been activated.
Added 1900 Smyth County census for Mathew Robert Ryburn which includes several of his adult children, including son John who was also enumerated the same day in another household with his wife and children. The entries for this household (as well as neighboring ones) do not appear to accurately record the names of the family members

Added 1858 agreement to Washington Co. Deed page whereby John and Mary Clark divide their estate among their children (thank you Bob Ford)

Activated narrative pages for James Clark, son of John Clark and Mary Beattie and his wife Martha Buchanan; also for their children. Many thanks to James Ballard for his research and anecdotes on this family, and especially for the photo of James. Carolyn Ryburn contributed photos of the headstones for the Clark family members from Rich Valley Presbyterian Cemetery in Smyth County (also see: Smyth County page).
13 Sep 2007Updated site: This "mini" update is to post a corrected copy of the James Davis settlement record I added last week. I transcribed this document many years ago and at that time misread M_ Crider as Wm Crider or W. Crider. The single letter "M" is followed by one of those wonderful abbreviations which in this case may have stood for Mrs or possibly even Mary although I don't think I've ever seen the name Mary abbreviated. The entry appears to be referencing Mrs. Mary (Davis) Ewing Crider.

Regardless, the abbreviation is repeated on the second page of the settlement followed by the phrase "which she agreed.." so clearly Wm was incorrect. I've attached a scan of the abbreviated name for your perusal as well as a corrected copy of the settlement. Note the distinctive letter "W" in the name "White" (3rd line from the bottom on the scan) which helps differentiate the clerk's "W" from his "M". Many thanks to Lynn Melberg for bringing this error to my attention.
Added photos of old Madison Beattie home ("Morningside") to the Homes and Buildings Page (from Carolyn Ryburn with permission of the present owner).
9 Sep 2007Updated site: Added additional information on the descendants of Mary Jane Buchanan and William Harley Cox (includes photo of Mary); also material on 2 of Mary Jane's 3 Ryburn cousins who came west to California: John Clark Ryburn and his sister Rosa. Many thanks to Judith St. Louis for sharing this information.

Added 1850 and 1860 census entries for Eleanor (Ryburn) Nichol, eldest daughter of Mathew Ryburn and Jane Beattie

The Redmond Cole files contain several sheets of data on the Ryburn family compiled by Judge Cole. One page includes data shared with him by John Clark Ryburn of Glade Spring. The sheet reports that the data was copied from an old bible in 1930. The names and dates were for Mathew Ryburn and Martha Orr and their children. There are additional comments that were most probably not part of the bible or were miscopied (eg a husband attributed to the wrong daughter); an image of the page is linked to the Exhibit bar on Mathew's page

Expanded the narrative of Mary Alice (Broughman) Carpenter (from Betty Mealy).
Added considerable additional information to the descendency line of Samuel Davis. In particular note the inclusion of two will transcriptions for him: an unrecorded 1834 will and his final will dated 1842. An accompanying settlement included a detailed list of heirs. Many thanks to Lynn Melberg for obtaining these items and for sharing additional research on this line. Also added a pdf document of the settlement of Samuel's brother James Davis - this is the document that states that James died on his way to Virginia (see the exhibit section at the bottom of James's page). Added additional deed analysis to the page of Robert Earl C. Davis (includes a schematic on the exhibit section)

Cal Baldwin contributed very cool photos of John B. Clark, his son John Breckenridge Clark and the younger John's 5 daughters.

Art and Arlene Wills visited Acton Cemetery in Hood County, Texas during a recent vacation and photographed Caleb Graham Gardner and Ollie (Smith) Gardner's monument. They also shared a photograph of a memorial monument to the Confederate soldiers who settled in Hood County (see Caleb's page).
Entered second marriages for Mary Edith (Dunn) Love and Sallie (Dunn) Yates with thanks to Carolyn Ryburn. Martha Keys located the full marriage info for John Beattie Allison and Sarah Wright.
12 Aug 2007Updated site: Added will entry (and abstract) for John Larimer as well as for his son Robert and Robert's son Andrew; also added numerous (abt 40) narratives on these lines. John's will is interesting and Robert's is confusing. Did Robert have 2 or 3 wives? Did he have 2 daughters named Jane? If you have any knowledge of, or interest in, the Larimer family please read these pages and share any insights you might have.
Clarified full date of birth for William Edward Jones Hutton based on information he personally submitted to Redmond Cole of Tulsa Oklahoma in 1930; added mention of another possible child for Martha Ryburn and John Clark from same source

Also from Hutton file in Redmond Cole collection: added full date of death for Robert Stuart Clark Hutton. Changed the name of Sarah Ann Debusk's mother from Sarah McClure to Dorcas McClure based on further research (including analysis of a letter from her granddaughter to Redmond Cole).
1 Aug 2007Updated site: Many thanks to Betty Mealy for her ongoing support of RamblingRoots and for the very nice photo of Ritchie (Carpenter) Barnes and her family, and to Margaret (Barnes) and Brett Breen for additional photos and information on the Barnes family.
Charlotte Snapp contributed many photos, including a photo taken from the original painting of Robert J. Larimer and Sarah Debusk. A special thank you to Mary Boggs who contributed considerable information on the Larimer family, including images from the Robert Larimer bible.

Charlotte also shared an old photo of the Meek Stone House, and Don Wall sent a more recent photo which serves as a nice comparison (see Homes and Buildings page). While you're there check out the link to the new page on the first Brook Hall.
Began adding new data for the lines of John, Nathaniel, James and Samuel Davis, 4 brothers who settled just west of Abingdon at an early date. On the Any Davis page note the Marion County, Tennessee deeds involving a Nathaniel Davis in the 1830s. It is of interest that by the 1840s grandsons of John Davis (via his son Robert) were living in Marion County.

Added cemetery photos for Samuel and his wife Jane. Also added narrative and cemetery photo for their son William.

Worked with Jason Kennedy, a descendant of John Davis through his son Robert , to activate naratives for Robert E.C. Davis, his children, and many of his grandchildren. I owe all my Davis cousins a thank you for their ongoing patience.

Also added info on a few collateral Davis family members, such as Catherine Gray, who married Samuel Preston.
Carol Lockas shared some wonderful items, including images from Peter Clark's family Bible. It includes dates of birth for Peter's siblings which resolves several long standing questions. The birth entries for Peter's children include the names of several children not previously known to me (they appear to have died young). In addition to Peter's page, narrative pages have been activated for all of his children and selected grandchildren. Carol also contributed photos taken from paintings of James Clark and Isabella (Breckenridge) Clark.
Added mention of a possible additional child for Martha Ryburn and John Clark. Also modified the date of death for their daughter Ellen and added the cause of death.

Adjusted the date of death for Mary (Beattie) Clark. Added cause of death for William Armstrong Clark. Adjusted date of birth for Nancy (Clark) Beattie.
Randy Todd and his sister Nancy contributed information on their grandparents Robert McCall and Rosanna Edmondson and their children. They also sent photos of Rosanna's headstone and a wonderful photo of Robert and his children taken after Rosanna's death. Also activated pages for Rosanna's parents: Margaret Buchanan and John L.G. Edmondson. In addition, activated narratives for Robert McCall's parents: James McCall and Jane Larimer. Also posted a page for Robert Larimer. Research on Robert and his family is far from complete, but activating his page helped to link several lines together

Activated pages for: Mary Elizabeth Bradley, William Beattie Clark.
Many thanks to Tom Stone for identifying Hattie Carmack who was on the "What happened to list". Tom led me to his grandfather Jim, who is Hattie's son. Jim also shared information on the tragic death of Hattie's aunt and uncle, Mary Elizabeth (Ryburn) Carmack and Charles Carmack

Added additional photos to the Cave Springs page courtesy of Don Wall. They are great additions - take a look!

Extended census entries for Ann Eliza Campbell who married #1 Maj. Jeremiah Worley and #2 James Clark. These later census records (1900 and 1910) indicate Ann had 3 additional children who have not been identified

Added will for William Jefferson Ryburn. Expanded the line of Albert Orville Clarkson.
24 Apr 2007Updated site: added a subpage titled Homes and Buildings to the main Washington County page. The initial focus of this page is the home of John Byars which was called Cave Springs.
Added a new subpage, titled 1850 Census households to the Washington County home page. This page presents all the households in my database in the order they were enumerated. As additional households are added and/or their narratives activated, the household will be added to the page. Eventually I will also add a map showing the general location of selected households so that neighborhoods may be better visualized.
Note the following corrections to the household numbers for 1850 census citation entries on these heads of household: Dr. Dunn (household changed from 300 to 308): David Campbell (changed from 107 to 707); James Hawthorne (changed from 713 to 703).
Added 3 photos of Washington County schools to the Scrapbook page, including 2 of Liberty Hall School and its students (courtesy of Steve Deitz)

Added narratives for Thomas M. Preston and many of his descendants which increased the number of Preston entries from 8 to 37.
26 Mar 2007Updated site: activated additional narratives for the line of John Edmondson and Martha (Moore) Edmondson to include their daughter Martha (Edmondson) Horne and their son William Moore Edmondson. In addition, the line of their son Andrew was expanded to include narratives for his daughter Elizabeth (Edmondson) Blankenbeckler. And the line of John and Martha's daughter Elizabeth now includes narratives on daughters Eliza Ann (Edmondson) Crow and Martha Moore (Edmondson) Debusk. There is also now a descendant chart for John Edmondson available via the Charts header/footer.
Removed James Wiley Buchanan from the "What Happened to" list; added information on he and his family based on research contributed by Steve Deitz.
The state of Missouri has a wonderful online death index which includes images of many death certificates, including ones for the individuals named below. Please double check the new data against what you already have as I have not itemized each correction/addition in the change log.

Added data as well as death certificate images for: Steshley Allen (different death date and name spelling); James Wiley Buchanan (proves mother's maiden name); Eliza Virginia (Buchanan) Allen (establishes, as suspected, that family was in Howard Co. by 1843 - before settled in Scotland Co.); William Clark (variation in date of death, middle name); Elizabeth (Clarkson) Barker and Edward R. Allen.
Added additional children for Isabella J. (Moore) Preston and her husband Reuben, including twins Belle and Reuben Preston born in 1873. Isabella Moore was a great granddaughter of John Buchanan and Ann Ryburn, which raises the total of known twins among their descendants to 32

Also added birth and death information for Elizabeth (Moore) McSpadden, her husband Moses and their children (thanks to Bob Ford).
14 Mar 2007Updated site: Added dates from transcribed copy of Moore Bible (William Moore and his wife Elizabeth Steel). Includes their date of marriage, birthdates for their children and selected grandchildren - in particular through the line of their son Samuel . There are also names in the Bible I cannot place. If you are familiar with the Moore family or this Bible I'd love to hear from you. Thanks to Martha Keys for sharing this record which she found on the Library of Virginia website.
12 Mar 2007Updated site: updated Benjamin Keys Buchanan narrative (more census data, added another daughter, added narrative on son William)

Added considerable new information to several lines of descent for Andrew Edmondson and Rosanna (Buchanan) Edmondson. In the line of their son John Edmondson, the 3 youngest children, Frank, Marion and Helen, were expanded upon. Narratives were added for all 11 children of Andrew and Rosanna's son Samuel Porter Edmondson, many of whom settled in Clayton, New Mexico. The narrative for John Harvey Clark, husband of Rosa Miriam (Edmondson) Clark was activated; also added information for 2 more of their children: Clarence and John. And a narrative for Andrew Edmondson, who moved to Texas was added, along with the names of his children.

Also added a link on Samuel Edmondson's page to an interesting webpage on Clayton, New Mexico.
Two more sets of twins were located among the descendants of Ann Ryburn and John Buchanan: Marion Grant Edmondson, their second great grandson, was the father of twins who died at birth (1910) and are buried in Rock Spring Cemetery.

Also, Ryburn Clark, John and Ann's great grandson was the father of twin daughters, Annie and Nannie, born abt 1902. This brings to 30 the number of twins found among John and Ann's descendants.
16 Feb 2007Updated site: added 3 timeline charts (see Charts link in header).
Changed some "LEGATEE" tags to "DEVISEE". This was done to better reflect whether an individual was willed personal property (legatee) or real property (devisee). If the will left them both real and personal property the DEVISEE tag is used. The exception would be when a widow was left a dower third in her husband's land. Since this was only a life estate, she did not legally own the land and could not later devise it in her own will. If an individual inherited without the presence of a will they were an heir-at-law and the HEIR tag is used, regardless of whether real or personal property was inherited. For my purposes, it is also used if an individual inherited as the legal heir of a parent or sibling who was named in a will but who was deceased by the time the will was probated.
21 Jan 2007Updated site: Added headstone photos for Thoughtless Nuttall and Mary Brandon (Withers) Nuttall. Also interesting story on the origin of the name "Thoughtless" (courtesy of Brandon Nuttall).
I located an additional source that at first glance appears to lend another voice to the Mary Beattie/Mary Brandon question. "Hagy Families in America", published in 1951 by King Albert Hagey (King Printing Co., Bristol TN-VA) states that Mary's name was Brandon. However, a closer look reveals that the information was provided in association with the lineage of Addie Vene Hutton, who was the niece of Dr. J. B. Hutton [d. 1940], author of the manuscript that originally put forth the Brandon name. Therefore, the Hagy book really cannot be used as an independent opinion.
Located death record for Rosannah T. (Buchanan) Witten; also new transcription of headstone which corrects date of birth; death and burial info for Sarah (Witten) Buchanan

Added considerable new information about the Texas migration of Margaret Montgomery (Edmondson) Gardner and her husband Jeremiah Caleb Gardner in the early 1850s. Six of their children accompanied them while the 3 eldest remained in Virginia. New source material, such as county history books, census records, death records and Civil War pension applications provide additional insight into this families experiences in Texas. In particular, the pension application of Caledonia (West) Gardner demonstrates that there is often more to the story than what we can glean from census records alone. And even then........
Added additiona information about Joseph Davis Williams, and his descendants; including maiden name of Joseph's 3rd wife (who was also the widow of Robert Dunn); connected Annie Maria (Williams) Allison, wife of Gordon H. Allison as the daughter of Joseph D. Williams and his second wife Mary Virginia Horne.
6 Jan 2007Updated site: Carolyn Ryburn contributed headstone photos from Old Glade Spring Cemetery for: Ann (Ryburn) Clark and James Clark, Joseph H. White Clark and Estella (Rogers) Clark; also Margaret (Shugart) Ryburn, Dr. Arthur Dixon Hutton and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Buchanan (Ryburn) Hutton; also photos from the Madison Beattie monument and stones from Beattie Square to include: son George A.C. Beattie and his wife Emma, daughter Martha Lena Beattie, son Thomas Beattie, daughter Lousie Beattie.

Also images of Col. William Byars monument and original stone for his wife Elizabeth (Beattie) Byars; stone for their son John Byars and his wife Jane Beattie (Ryburn) Byars; also new photo for their daughter Elizabeth Mary Jane (Byars) Hall, as well as her husband John Dayton Hall and their son William Hall. And from a different area of Old Glade Spring Cemetery: photos of Arthur Henderson Byars, his wife Mary Jane Edmondson (Ryburn) Dorsey Byars and several of their children.
Carolyn also photographed the stones for Dr. Samuel Dunn, his wife Jane Beattie Ryburn (Edmiston) Dunn and their family. Many are clustered near Old Glade Spring Church; includes stone photos for children: Florence Virginia Dunn, Emily J. Dunn, Dr. William Logan Dunn, Robert C. Dunn, Samuel B.R. Dunn and his wife Mary (Jackson) Dunn, Eliza "Pink" (Dunn) Jones and her husband Gen. Wm E. Jones. Also Samuel B. R. and Mary Dunn's son Minter Alonzo Dunn. And Samuel and Jane Dunn's grandson Harry Buchanan Dunn and their granddaughter Elizabeth (Dunn) Rector

And in another section of the cemetery she photographed a cluster of Ryburn stones, including Whitley Fullen Ryburn and his wife Mary White (Ryan) Ryburn; also other family members: son White Ryburn and his wife Jessie (Devlin) Ryburn, son Charles Arthur Ryburn and his wife Katherine (Moorman) Ryburn as well as several of their children. And elsewhere in Old Glade Spring Cemetery: Margaret Breckenridge Ryburn

Carolyn also photographed the stones at Mt. Rose Cemetery for Edward Green Ryburn, his wife Mary Glenn (Oliver) Ryburn and their children Carter Ryburn, Isaac Ryburn, Kenneth Gerald Ryburn and Sadie Glenn Ryburn.
Martha Keys contributed photos of the following stones from Rock Spring Cemetery: Andrew Edmondson, Col. William S. Ryburn and his wife Rebecca Jane (McCall) Ryburn, William Moore. I added photos from a 2000 visit to Rock Spring Cemetery: Catherine Ryburn, Elizabeth Jane (Ryburn) Carmack, as well as her sister Sarah and brother William; also an overall view of the "Ryburn row" at Rock Spring, showing stones for Patrick Ryburn, his wife Jane and other family

During late 2006 Martha had the stones in the Allison Square at Old Baptist Cemetery cleaned. Updated photographs were added for: John Beattie Allison and his wife, Brewer, Sarah Ellen (Wright) Allison, also for their son Abram, and sons-in-law James Kent Harrison and William James Hutton. Updated photos of the Allison square were also added to the Old Baptist Cemetery section of the Washington County Misc. Cemetery page.
Added a lower level page titled Chancery Records to the Washington County, Virginia page. The initial case presented on this page was from 1820 and was titled Beaty et al vs Clark et al. The page includes transcriptions of the documents, as well as a summary and a review of the items of genealogical importance. The documents in the suit contain many original signatures of interest which were either added to the Chancery page or embedded in the individual narrative pages as listed below:

Added narrative, signature and will exhibit for John Stewart; also narrative and signature for his wife Rosanna (Beattie) Stewart
Added signature and will to existing narrative of James Porterfield along with narrative, signature and will for his father John Porterfield - also narratives for 3 more of John's children: John W., Lilburn B, and Sarah H. Porterfield. Also added signatures for Thomas Edmiston and his wife Margaret (Buchanan) Edmiston, Beattie Ryburn and his brother Mathew Ryburn.
Added narrative and will for Francis Beattie. Also wills and narratives for David Beattie and his wife Mary (Beattie) Beattie; also for their sons, Armstrong Beattie and David Beattie (with his signature), and narratives for their other children: John Beattie, William Beattie, Mary (Beattie) Clark. Added narrative with will, probate information and signature for their son James Beattie. In addition added narrative and will for Armstrong Beattie, son of David Beattie and Nancy Clark.
Added will exhibits to the Washington Co. probate page for the following (narratives to be added later): John Beattie (d. 1790), Andrew Buchanan (d. 1794), William Buchanan (d. 1846), William E. Buchanan (d. 1823), James Campbell (d. 1824 or 5), Catherine Clark (d. 1847), Eleanor (Porterfield) Clark (d. 1846), John S. Clark (d. 1854), Robert Clark (d. 1821), William G. Clark (d. 1861), William Dunn (d. 1819), William Edmiston (d. 1789), Benjamin Estill (d. 1782), Catherine Hanby (d. 1861), Edward Hutton (d. 1839), Francis Kincannon (d. 1795), James Kincannon (d. 1812), James Logan (d 1818-19)

Added narrative for Dr. Nickerson Snead; narrative and will for James Clark and narrative for his daughter Nancy (Clark) Beattie, wife of David Beattie; also narrative with signature for James Clark's son Capt. John B. Clark.
Just in case anyone out there is keeping score, we have another point in the Beattie column for the contest to determine the maiden name of William Ryburn's wife. I rediscovered an email Betty Mealy sent me in 2005, reminding me that Mr. John Wayne Smith, a 3rd great grandson of James Campbell and Ann (Ryburn) Campbell, authored a notebook titled "The Promised Land" (copy possibly available at the Historical Society of Washington Co. Library?) which states that James and Ann named a son William Beattie Campbell. All the records I have for William just list his middle initial as "B", so I can't corroborate Mr. Smith's information, however this William had a son whose headstone reads: William Beattie Campbell 1853-1934" so it is quite likely Beattie was his father's middle name as well.

I've decided to start a separate "log" of the Beattie vs Brandon data, rather than just incorporating the information as part of William and Mary (?) Ryburn's narratives. Click on the text icon at the end of this sentence to access the log or look for the same icon in the exhibit bar at the bottom of William or Mary's narrative.
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