2010 Change Log

21 Dec 2010Added narrative pages for Charles H. Hickok and his 11 children. This was a fun example of the Washington Co. "quilt" affect, as several of Charles's children married into families who already had a presence on RR.

Added will abstracts to the Washington Co. Probate Records page for: Thomas Edmiston, Robert Edmondson, Col. William Edmiston, Samuel Edmiston, William Edmondson and John Kelly. Thanks to Sandra Law who located death certificates for John Wellington Ryan and his wife Lucy Gilmer (Ryburn) Ryan; also for John Dewey Ryan.
10 Dec 2010Thank you to Mary Maiden who contributed information on Conley Stuard Maiden and to Steven Mark who shared 2 additional photos for the family of Sarah Katherine Peery. Added will abstracts to the Washington Co. Probate page for Rachel (?) Edmiston.

Katherine Clark and Susan Sumner shared images of James Clark's baptismal entry; also of his marriage record to Isabella Breckenridge from the old Parish Register of Campbeltown, Scotland - pleased to have these.
Updated the linked "Found" and "Not Found" files on the 1850 Census Missing Surname Project page.
Corrected the date of death for Rev. James Robinson Keys based on Keys family data discovered by Martha Keys. Martha also shared an obituary for Elizabeth Steele (Edmondson) Hutton as well as a neat picture of a boys group taken on the steps of the Byars-Cobbs Memorial Church (remember the Ladies Bible Study group picture?). See the Scrapbook-Group Photos page for more details.

Patricia Johnson added an updated narrative for David A. Fields, and a new narrative for David Owen Fields who migrated from VA to TX in the hope a change of air would help his consumption. Thanks to Nanci King, author of the Places In Time series, for sharing a photo of the home built by Daniel R. Musser in Abingdon; also to Lisa Blair Flatico for a photo of the Fields-Penn house built by James Fields.
26 Nov 2010I have always been interested in the migration patterns followed by families who left Washington County. Many went to Missouri. In an effort to better document some of these migrations I have added a Missouri Settler's Map. It includes lists of adults who left Washington Co. and who settled in various counties. Twenty-one counties are reprented at present. As more narratives are added to the website I will add the appropriate names to the map. I also added a page dedicated to Andrew Co., Missouri. This is the first page in an ongoing project. Several branches of the Beattie family settled in Andrew County; I've identified the location of important cemeteries, land grants, and links for further research.
Added narrative manuscripts on several members of the Fields and Musser families written and contributed by Patricia Johnson. These represent years of indepth research and are fascinating not only for their genealogical content and presentation, but also because Patricia shared the story of the research process itself. Even for those unrelated to the Fields and/or Musser families the narratives are very interesting. A good place to start is with William Fields. I very much appreciate Patricia sharing this work.
Updated the page for John Wilson Porterfield; corrected his first wife's name from Mary Ellen to Frances Rea and corrected the name of their daughter. Also activated pages for many of John's children.
Added new page for Smyth Chapel Cemetery, with over 50 headstone photos taken by Ric Sheets. Also added narrative pages for several Smyth family members including Jonas Smyth, his son Tobias Smyth and his wife Rachel (Kelly) Smyth; also for John Chesterfield Smyth and his wife Adeline Missouri (Logan) Smyth, their sons Robert, William, daughter Leanna (among other new Smyth entries).
Thank you to Judith St. Louis who located the TX death certificate of Margaret A. (Buchanan) Cope Steward as well as a cemetery photo from Linden Cemetery in California for John Clark Ryburn, his wife and 2 sisters; also to Sandra Law who pointed out that Robert James Ryan did not marry at 5 years of age (so much for careful editing on my part). Sandra also located Robert and his wife in 1930 which provides a more reasonable estimate of their year of marriage. In addition she located a death certificate for Lucy Gilmer (Ryburn) Ryan which removed another name from the "what happened to" list.

Thank you also to Nancy Todd and Randy Todd for photos of Thomas McCall and his family. And to Barbara Swaggerty for information on the family of George Washington Hopkins Garner and Ella Frances (Thompson) Garner (also a photo of Ella). Karen Gilbert Rock found a photo of Olive Nuttall among her grandmother's possessions. She did not know who Olive was - only that she had been a friend of her grandmother. Karen googled Olive's name, found RR, and offered to share Olive's photo - how cool is that!

I would also like to express an especially heartfelt thank you to Rebecca Goldthwaite who shared the results of her research on Mary Frances (Carpenter) McDaniel Bridges. Rebecca stumbled on RR while doing research in memory of a close friend, and in doing so allowed me to share the memory of my friend, Betty Mealy.
Although his research is not complete, I added a narrative page for William Dunn; also for some his children for whom I had not previously written pages, including William Dunn Jr and John Dunn (also including, among others, pages for John's daughter Mary Jane (Dunn) Cuddy and his sons Robert Henry Dunn and Theophilus Dunn). I also added a page for John's son William McCulloch Dunn which includes his photo (courtesy Carolyn Ryburn) and photos from 2 different cemeteries, both of which contain stones for William, his wife, and their infant son. I also added narrative pages for William Dunn Sr.'s dau Lydia (Dunn) Smyth and her husband Jonas Smyth.
Added narrative pages for: Peleg Cole (also several children/grandchildren - including James Buchanan Cole, father of Judge Redmond Cole whose research is extensively cited on this website); Lidia S. (Beattie) Fulkerson; John Brackenridge Beattie. Added land info to the page of James Logan.
Thank you to Annette Moore, a great granddaughter of Nancy Buchanan (Stoffle) Anderson who corrected Nancy's middle name (I previously had Edith). This was an interesting lesson. Nancy's son, Clinton Anderson, completed a WWI draft registration form in Sept. 1918. He recorded his nearest relative as Nannie Edith Anderson. Since Clinton was newly widowed, and since his mother's name was Nancy, and since she frequently appeared in records as Nannie, I concluded it was his mother listed as his nearest relative. Wrong. It turns out Nannie Edith Anderson was his infant daughter, born in March 1918.
Added narrative pages for David Beattie, James Gilmore Beattie, and Samuel Beattie, sons of William Beattie and Mary Allison. Updated the approximate date of death for Elizabeth (Dunn) Logan after locating a deed whereby Elizabeth's children sold their mother's interest in the land devised to her in the 1818 will of her father William Dunn. Three of Elizabeth's siblings also sold their interest in the land. This updated info was added to their narrative pages.
Thank you to Gloria Holly who contributed a wonderful photo of Martha Josephine Florence (Ritchie) Ryburn; also to Craig Ritchie for pictures of David Greenway Ritchie, his wife Mary (Davis) Ritchie, and his son and grandson David G. Ritchie II and III.

Added headstone photos to Bethel Cemetery for Burton Andrew and Mattie DeFriece, also for Elvert Wyatt; courtesy of Ric Sheets and Shelby DeFriece Peto. Added 5 additional children to the family of John B. Cole and Ellen Ann (Clark) Cole.
10 Sep 2010Introduced a separate page for Bethel Cemetery containing 100 individuals with 85 of those linked to narratives. A very huge thank you to Ric Sheets who visited the cemetery on 3 different occasions to photrgraph over 85 headstones. The Bethel Cemetery page also features a link to an exhibit gallery containing thumbnail images of all of the headstone photos. From there you can view the photos individually or as a self-controlled slide show. Please check it out.

Rather than itemize the newly added narratives in the Change Log please review the list on the Bethel Cemetery page. However several surnames figure prominently in the cemetery: Duff, Grant, Gray and Reed in particular. And as always happens I found myself branching off into collateral lines. A few of those are listed below.
Added narratives for Theophilus Dunn who fought in the Civil War, spent most of his life working as a cabinet maker in Abingdon and then moved to MO later in life; also narratives for John S. Logan and Virgil Earnest Maiden; also for Benjamin Glenn, his wife Sarah, and their 4 sons. Three of the sons fought in the Civil War; son William died. The other sons then helped provide for his widow Martha Ann (Duff) Glenn and children.

Introduced the Vestal family, through Hannah (Johnson) Vestal whose daughter Nancy married Alexander M. Harris; daughter Elizabeth married Robert Edmondson; daughter Dorcas married Samuel Robinson Widener.
Added headstone photos for Samuel McChesney Ryburn and his wife Mary (thanks to Luke Evola); added full dates of death for Mary Bullard Clark, Hessie Edmondson; full dates of birth and death for Hugh Lee Smyth; corrected date of death for Malinda Morgan Porterfield. Corrected date of death for Lewis Hall Fackrell as shown on the page of his mother Edna Virginia (Crenshaw) Fackrell - thanks to Lewis's son Blake for update.
4 Aug 2010Thank you to Gloria Holly, a descendant of James Lafayette Ritchie, who shared a photo of James as well as a wedding photo for William Columbus Ritchie and Mary E. Hoss. Activated a narrative page for Elbert Bady Clark, son of William Robert Clark and Josie Lester, with information provided by Elbert's grandson, Kyle Clark.
Added additional info, including children, for William A. Henry Buchanan. Thanks to Tom Colley for death register info for David Jackson Buchanan, Arthur Bowen McNeal Byars. Activated narrative page for David A. Duff and his first wife (of 4) Clay Adelle Grant.
Last fall I activated a few pages on the descendants of William Clark based on the contributions of Joann Tortarolo. And in June I added additional information from the 1812 Widow's pension file of Harriet (Shugart) Clark. Using Joann's extensive research I have added another 30+ narrative pages for William's descendants.
Thank you to Eric Thompson who shared the research of his great great aunt, Pearl Beattie, daughter of David Allen Beattie and granddaughter of Armstrong Beattie of Andrew Co., Missouri. I have incorporated her information into the narratives for these families. Eric also shared numerous family photos which have been added to the appropriate pages. This includes a letter from Judge Redmond Cole which has been added to the Any Beattie page. Pam Johnson, great granddaughter of David Beattie, also contributed several photos.
Added pages for John Beattie and his wife Sarah Edmiston as well as for each of their children. This couple, both children of prominent Glade Spring area families, married in 1811 and migrated to Kentucky.
19 Jun 2010Martha Keys located a photo of a Byars-Cobbs Bible Study Group with the women identified and shared it with the hopes that it can be used to identify some of the women in the photo on the current homepage. Both photos are now found on the Scrapbook-Group Photos page.

Thank you to Marda Gunter for correcting the date of death for Rose Ann Edmondson; also for additional information on her family; pages were added for 3 of Rose's children.

Added photo of Joseph William Ryan courtesy of Sandra Law (also headstone picture). Reviewed the Confederate Compiled Service Records for White G. Ryan and his 3 sons: Joseph, Boman and Edward. If you have referenced the Civil War data on any of these 4 pages please revisit them as the information has changed (particularily for White Ryan).

Footnote.com is allowing free access to the digitized Confederate Compiled Service Record Collection at the moment. Take a peek.
15 Jun 2010Added information from the Confederate Compiled Service Records held by the National Archives (and digitized by Footnote.com) for the following members of Co. D of the 1st Virginia Cavalry. Note that the company was designated as Co. L when it completed organization in the early summer of 1861, but when the 1st VA Cavalry was reorganized in September it became Co. D. It is sometimes referred to as the 2nd Co. D. or Co. D (2) since an earlier Co. D. [from Clarke Co., VA] existed as part of the 1st Virginia Cavalry for a brief time. Co. L/Co. D was known as the Washington Mounted Rifles; Andrew D. Rosenbalm, David Beattie Ryburn, Abram H. Allison, William Buchanan, Reuben Bradley Preston, Andrew F. Rambo, Thomas Benjamin Estill Edmondson.
13 Jun 2010Steven Mark shared a great photo of the Women's Bible Study Group from Byars-Cobbs Memorial Church in Glade Spring (year unknown). The photo is on the main page. Note the plaque on the wall to the right side of the group. You can see the same plaque outside the church today:Byars-Cobbs Memorial UMC. Steven also obtained a copy of Florence H. Hutchinson's death certificate and obituary which supplied updated information re her date and place of death.

Thank you to Nanci C. King, author of the Places In Time Series for granting me permission to add selected photos from her books. This edition of RR includes a photo of the home of Martha Elizabeth (Henderson) Taylor and an older photo of the William Beattie Allison home, both from Mrs. King's collection.
Thank you to Carolyn Ryburn for sharing images from Emily Dunn's Bible. They are posted on the Scrapbook-Text as well as Emily's narrative page.

Created an Any Caldwell page with misc. pre 1860 data on the Caldwell/Cauldwell family in Washington County. Also added over 20 new Caldwell narratives, including a page for Robert Caldwell which includes a discussion of his possible father and a link to a new page for Robert's daughter Margaret (Caldwell) Greer. The page for John S. Caldwell includes links to 13 of his 14 known children. Thank you to Tanna Haynes for her assistance with these additions.

Added 9 additional narrative pages under Rosenbalm, including Andrew. Look at the names of his wives. Talk about a recipe for confusion!
Obtained a copy of the War of 1812 widow's pension file for Harriet (Shugart) Clark based on the service of her husband William Clark. The file contained images of the Family Record from William's Bible which had been torn out and submitted with the pension application. The images are posted on the Scrapbook-Text page as well as Harriet's page. If you would like a digitized copy of the full pension file just send me an email. The file confirms that the William Clark buried in Old Glade Spring Cemetery, and listed adjacent to Barbara (Talbert) Clark in High On A Windy Hill, was not Barbara's husband.
Working with Jack Hockett's transcribed volumes of Washington Co. Deed records, Bob and Donna Jean Ford created an all name index to deed books 3, 4 and 5. They are attached as PDF files to the Washington Co. Deed page. Many thanks to Bob and Donna Jean for sharing these (Mr. Hockett's books - and many other great Washington Co. resources - are available from New Papyrus Publishing.
Added page for Joseph Leedy as well as a page for each of his 8 children. Pam McCue contributed a very interesting biography she wrote about her father Langdon Lee Leedy. Added image of Richard Montgomery's 1777 oath of allegiance, signed in Pennsylvania. Will Graves, founder of the Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements and Rosters website shared a transcription of Capt. David Beattie's list of men who served with him on the King's Mountain Campaign. See the Scrapbook-Text page or David Beattie's page.
Identified two additional children for Christopher Columbus Larimer; added narrative page for John D. Buchanan; also activated pages for several of his children and selected grandchildren. Thank you to Jack Hockett who pointed out that the Family Search Pilot indexing program now includes many TN death entries (including John D. Buchanan's daughter Martha Rosenbalm whose record identified her mother - one of the unidentified famales from Jack's 1850 census project). Identified the wife of James E. Buchanan, son of Moses and Joanna (a tip of the hat to Tom Colley).
Added will to Moses Edmondson; also a page for his son Andrew Buchanan Edmondson and one for his daughter Sarah Jane (Edmondson) Rambo and her husband Samuel Kelly Rambo; also pages for Samuel's father David Rambo, mother Matilda (Kelly) Rambo siblings and selected spouses including Virginia Eleanor Edmondson.

Added page for Hettie Jane (Sharp) Rosenbalm Reid and for her parents Benjamin Sharp and Margaret Montgomery (Edmondson) Sharp; also for Hettie's siblings. Thank you to Carolyn Ryburn for providing information on Nannie Blanche (Reed) Grant Duff.
Carol Lockas contributed a photo of the Death entry page from the Peter Clark Bible. This included a previously unknown date for Peter's sister Mary Clark and also provided an alternate date for the death of Peter's sister Margaret (Clark) Snodgrass. In addition it provided the previously unknown dates of death for 4 children who died young.

Added an additional child for Mary Helen (Edmondson) Rambo.
Added date of death for Margaret Jane (Taylor) Wilkinson. Activated pages for children of John P. Buchanan; also for Leanna Jane (Smyth) Logan which includes her date and cause of death. Added full date of death for Samuel D. Logan; also for Isaac Andrew McCall. Added an additional child, Maggie, to the family of Charity M (Larimer) Parris. Added cause of death for James Kincannon Smyth, Mattie Bruce Spurgeon, William James Snodgrass and Benton Alderson Webb.
Tom Colley shared entries from Washington County census mortality schedules which provided additional information for: Philip Claudius Buchanan, Sarah Jane (Hanby) Wallace, Robert Lee Hughes, Ann (Larimer) Speer, Zachariah P.B. Blankenbeckler, Ann Rebecca George (Buchanan) Moore, Ann (Ryburn) Clark.

Thank you to Tom Colley and Jack Hockett for continuing to share their research so generously.
Added dates of birth and death and cemetery info for Phoebe Ann (Snodgrass) Larimer Davis; activated pages for John Davis and his wife Catherine (Shetters) Davis. Expanded coverage on the Hawk family thanks to Thomas Hawk; added page for Caroline (Batham) Hawk.
Mrs. Charlotte Pflum, whose manuscript on the Moses Hutton family is referenced widely throughout this site, contributed images of the document created by William Dixon Hutton recording the names, dates of birth, etc. for his siblings (the children of Moses and his two wives). The two pages are linked to the Scrapbook - Text page, as well as narrative page for Moses Hutton.
Added Andrew James Lester as a child of Levi Lester; added date of death for Stuart Edmondson. Located date Amanda C. Ryburn and Francis Hutton were issued a marriage license. Located marriage record for Alcey Ann Davis and Licenius Theodore Logan and David O. Bradley and Leanna Jane Smyth which also supplied a middle name for both of them. Added date of marriage for Elizabeth Goode Perkins and Jack Buchanan. The Valley of the Shadows website holds 3 letters written by Arthur Henderson Byars during the Civil War. See his page for a link to the website.
Activated page for Claibourne Shugart Hutton and added cemetery info for his parents. Added full date of death for Florence Virginia Kestner and Winfield S. Kestner from Washington Co. death records.

Activated a page for Elizabeth (?) who appears to be the mother of James Lafayette Ritchie. Also added a page for Columbus Ritchie and corrected the 1880 census transcription for James to indicate that Madison Ritchie was identified as his brother, not as a boarder.
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