Washington Co. Virginia (Homes and Buildings)

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Washington County homes (location of homes featured in "house" pages below)

Glade Spring area - 1821 and 1890 (selected homes identified by owner/family)

Land Plats (selected land locations)
The home of Absalom Beattie and Eliza (Davis) Beattie
The home of Bazel Talbert and Mary (Logan) Talbert, known as the Old Stagecoach Inn. The home, later owned by their daughter Eliza and her husband Isaac Horne has been enlarged and weatherboarded1
The Ebenezer Alexander and Rebecca (Fulton) Robinson home on the north side of the Stage Rd.
Abraham and Mary Gobble home on the North fork of the Holston River2
Hutton Plantation on Hutton Creek (formerly Stalnaker, Thompson and Baker Creek)3
James and Isabella Clark home built in the late 1700s-early 1800s and still owned by the Clark family4
The Clark Homes on the Old Stage Rd page features the home built by John B. Clark and Mary (Beattie) Clark; also includes photos and information on two additional Clark homes on the south side of the Stage Rd5
The William Fields homestead, built around 18536
The first Brook Hall, built by James Dysart and his wife Nancy Beattie; also owned by William Byars and wife Elizabeth Beattie7
The second Brook Hall, built by William Byars and Elizabeth Beattie; also owned by their daughter Amanda Ernest8
Old house in the Smith Creek neighborhood, believed to have been a Carmack home2
The home known as Cave Springs, built by John Byars and his wife Jane Beattie Ryburn; also owned by their daughter Elizabeth Hall
Ft. Kilmackronen, original structure built by the Thompson family; home expanded by James M. Byars whose wife named it "Southern View"7
The home known as Woodburn, built by William Byars Jr; also owned by William Byars Cobb and later by the Samuel Keys family (page includes link to article about Woodburn's secret room)8
The beautiful home now known as Morningside, built by Madison Beattie abt 1853 and later owned by his daughter Mary McKinney8
The Robert and Nancy (Beattie) Edmondson home; also later owned by George and Emma Beattie and often referred to as the "old Beattie house"8
The Samuel and Jane B.R. (Edmiston) Dunn home north of Glade Spring; still owned by descendants8

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The home of Nickerson Snead and Elizabeth (Scott) Beattie Snead
The Samuel Porter Edmondson and Elizabeth (Alderson) Edmondson home at Lodi, Virginia (see the Group Photos page for identification of family members)
The Thomas Edmondson Gardner and Ellen Eliza Lansdown home south of Saltville
The William Long Snodgrass and Sara L. (Grant) Snodgrass home at Green Spring (second image shows original frame)5
Americus D.L. Shortt home, built by Aaron Hayter 1848/1858; also a current view of the beautifully restored home9
The William "Buck" Smyth and Elizabeth (McClelland) Smyth home
Tobias Smyth home, built by his father Jonas Smyth around 1770. The house was moved to the Emory and Henry College campus around 192910
The home of Capt. George Graham (today and yesterday)11
Mary (Ernest) Jackson on the porch of her home at Abingdon (1919). Click on first camera icon for uncropped vertical image; second icon is a current view of home12
Dr. William Logan Dunn home on Evergreen St. in Glade Spring8
Martha E. (Henderson) Taylor home at Glade Spring13
Liberty Hall School was founded in 1866 by Rev. James Keys. This, the second structure to bear the name, was built in the early 1900s and closed about 1981. It has since fallen into a sad state of disrepair. For photos of the earlier building see the Scrapbook-Group Photos page
John Maiden and Susanna Landis home built abt 1847-48 and located near the intersection of present day Shortsville and Fudge Rds14
Dr. Thomas E. Dunn home at Plasterco, Virginia8
The Musser family home, built by Daniel Musser around 187915
The home built by James Fields around 1860 is located at 208 W. Main Street in Abingdon. It is now a museum16
James P. Clark home, built around 1910 and photographed about 1915-1920. The second camera icon links to a close up view of the home17
Old Meek stone house, believed to have been built around 1815. Second camera icon shows the same home many years earlier18
The home of Tom and Phoebe (Larimer) Orr19
Mary Elizabeth (Crenshaw) Moore in front of the old Moore home at Lodi20
William Beattie Allison home at Glade Spring21
Whitley Ryburn home near Glade Spring8

The old William Ryburn homestead
The Edward Green Ryburn home8
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