Elizabeth Scott1

b. circa 1800, d. June 1876
FatherWilliam Scott d. bef 21 Jun 1803
MotherJane Whitely2 b. abt 1768, d. 1833
Birthcirca 1800 Elizabeth Scott was born circa 1800 estimated from her age on the 1850 through 1870 census records. 
Marriage She married first Armstrong Beattie, son of David Beattie and Mary Beattie
Legatee30 Dec 1819 Armstrong died in Jan. 1820. His will left Elizabeth and their son William his entire estate with the stipulation that should Elizabeth remarry she would forfeit her right to two Negro boys, Joe and Anthony. She was also named executor, although she declined in favor of Samuel McGinnia.3 
  The land Armstrong devised to Elizabeth included a large part of what later became the community of Glade Spring. As the town grew Elizabeth sold many parcels of land in this area. 
Court Record3 Jan 1821 On 3 Jan 1821 Elizabeth submitted a statement to the Superior Court of Chancery at the Wythe County courthouse. She said she had been made party on behalf of her infant son to a law suit (Beaty et al vs Clark et al) without her knowledge and that she did not wish to be included in the suit.4 
ChildDeath4 Sep 1821  Elizabeth's young son William died later that year.5 
Marriage24 May 1822 She married second Dr. Nickerson Snead on 24 May 1822 in Washington County, Virginia.6 
Land-Buy  Among Nickerson and Elizabeth's land holdings were adjacent tracts on the Old Stage Rd. (present day Rt. 11) near what was once the community of Old Glade Spring (south of present day Glade Spring). The northern parcel (135 acres) was purchased on 27 April 1833 from William and Rhoda Beattie for $10 an acre. Nickerson purchased the southern parcel from Moses and Ebenezer Robinson on 23 Sept. 1837 for $900. It included slightly over 35 acres. Nickerson built a large brick house along the north side of the Stage Rd., possibly just inside the former Robinson acreage, but very near the old boundary between the 2 parcels.7,8 
Cens-185022 Aug 1850 Judging by the neighboring households, this home is where Elizabeth and Nickerson resided at the time of the 1850 census enumeration. Nickerson's entry noted that he was a physician, age 52, and owned real estate worth $1,200. Elizabeth was 49. The household also included Sarah Edmondson [Elizabeth Snead's half-sister] (36) and Fleming Rose [Nickerson Snead's nephew] (male, 18, farmer).9 
Cens-186010 Jul 1860  By 1860 Nickerson owned real estate valued at $15,000 and personal property of an almost equal amount.10 
Cens-1860- Slave1 Aug 1860  The household included 11 slaves.11 
  The 1860 household also included Florence Edmondson [the daughter of Elizabeth's half-brother David Edmondson] as well as the previously mentioned Sarah Edmondson.10 
Widowed1 Apr 1869  Nickerson died in 1869 leaving Elizabeth the bulk of his personal and real estate. 
Cens-187029 Sep 1870 The following year Elizabeth was enumerated as the head of her own household which again included Sarah Edmondson.12 
Will19 Jun 1872 Elizabeth wrote her will on 19 Jun 1872. She remembered a long list of individuals [see link to full abstract below]. She also asked that an iron railing be placed around her grave and the graves of her husband, her son, her sister Polly and her first husband.13 
DeathJun 1876 Elizabeth died in Jun 1876.14 
Burial She was buried at Old Glade Spring Cemetery in Washington County. Her grave is part of a cluster that includes not only the individuals mentioned in her will, but also her brother John, her half sister Sarah and her mother Jane.15 
  The location of Elizabeth's grave can be determined from a survey of the cemetery recorded in the early 1950s. However a later survey, done for the book High On A Windy Hill in the 1960s, did not include her stone. The stone was confirmed to be missing in the summer of 2008. 

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Armstrong Beattie b. 17 May 1792, d. 20 Jan 1820
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