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Non-clickable icons

These icons appear on person index pages:
Probate record
Headstone photo
Photo of person
Land record or photo
Other document or text exhibit

To view the exhibit click through to the person's narrative page and look for the camera or text icon.

Informational icons

These icons appear after selected names on person index pages and/or appropriate narrative pages. They are "informational" only:
Person is a twin
Is an ancestor of Diana Powell
Page under construction

Clickable Icons

If you see one of these icons anywhere on this website... click it!
Photo exhibit
Textual exhibit
pdf. file

Many of the pages on this website include "mini" photos followed by a camera icon. These "mini" photos are not "clickable" - they are just for visual interest - click on the assocated camera icon to see the full size image.

However, there are a few pages where the mini photo itself serves as the clickable link to a larger image and there is no associated camera icon. Those situations are clearly identified